1st Quarter 2024 Hotel Newsletter

**Happy New Year from your Hotel/Transportation Committee**

It’s been a busy few months and we have lots of exciting news to share with you!
First, Anne and I want to express our gratitude to those of you who have taken the time to call, email, or approach us with your positive and constructive comments and support regarding the work we undertake on the Hotel/Transportation Committee. As you are aware, all committee members within the AFA are not only full-time Flight Attendants with personal lives and families but also volunteers who are passionate about ensuring that every Flight Attendant has the necessary tools, peace of mind, and safe work environment to excel in their roles. Your encouragement motivates us to work diligently and strive for improvement in our positions as your representatives but also for you in the workplace. We appreciate the confidence you place in all the volunteers, even during challenging times, to successfully fulfill our responsibilities.
So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!
New Committee Members
We are very happy to announce the addition of 3 new committee members, with a fourth one on the way after they complete their required training.
Please help us in welcoming Anneliese Chapman (LEC 17/PDX based), Brandy Likes (LEC 16 /SEA based) and Lane Walthers (LEC 16/SEA based).  
They are going to be helping us keep our current hotels on track and let us know when there are issues.  They are also available to help you navigate through CrewConnex if you’re having issues/concerns or questions in utilizing this app to its full potential.  Please help us make them feel welcome when you see them out there on the frontlines!
For any major concerns / issues we ask you to direct them to either MEC/LEC 17 Chair, Judi Harrison-Goold (judiharrisongooldafa@gmail.com) or LEC 16 Chair, Anne Strand (annestrandafa@gmail.com).
1/ SEA – Radisson Hotel
Following a hotel management decision at our present crew hotel, we are undergoing a relocation. Both AFA and IBT recently completed a site inspection and submitted our evaluations to QX Management for review. Regrettably, our joint first preference was not selected, and the company has opted to return us to a property on International Boulevard, situated across from the airport at the Radisson Hotel.  While we love the convenience of its location to maximize our crew’s rest period, we did not feel it offered the best in food options and was too close to the airport/airplane traffic for a restful night sleep.
Should you have any issues, we ask you to go to the following link to file a report: https://afahorizon.org/issue-reporting
2/ PASCO – The Hampton Inn, Pasco
Some of you may remember back in 2021 we stayed at this property for about three months and now we are returning.  The Hampton Inn, located at 6826 Burden Blvd, Pasco, WA has plenty to offer our crewmembers!  You can enjoy complimentary breakfast, access a marketplace with a microwave, and find a fridge and microwave in your room. For convenience, you can leave ice packs with the front desk; we recommend placing them in a ziplock bag labeled with your last name, making it a handy item to store in your lunchbox for regular use.
In addition, there’s a movie theatre, a nearby grocery store, and a variety of dining options to explore within a few short blocks. Only a 7-minute drive from the airport, it offers a peaceful and restful night stay.
3/ Stay tuned to see where we are being moved to in RNO!
Change comes about by reporting issues or concerns on the reporting systems available.  

In the event of any occurrence, we highly encourage you to dedicate a few minutes to complete a report on CrewConnex. Providing the room number and time for room-related concerns enhances the effectiveness of the report. If the situation involves safety, please submit a report on both CrewConnex AND Report It to facilitate swift action by your Union Representatives. (CrewConnex is available at this link on your computer for easy typing and viewing: https://crew.tvlinc.com/Feedback)

To uphold the safety of our crews, kindly refrain from posting our crew hotel names or addresses on social media or discussing them publicly, whether you are on duty or during your personal time. This precaution extends to the “check-in” feature on certain apps. While we make every effort to ensure the safety of our crews during overnights, it is a collaborative effort, and you play a significant role in that team. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
During your overnight stays, it is crucial to ensure that the locks on your doors and windows are fully functional before settling into your room. Refrain from accepting a room if any lock is found to be broken. Politely request another room from the Front Desk, providing an explanation for your preference to relocate. In the event that no alternative rooms are available, promptly contact Crew Scheduling and detail the steps you have taken. Your safety is of utmost importance and is our top priority.
Safe flying everyone!

Judi Harrison-Goold                         
Horizon Air AFA MEC Hotel / Transportation Chair
Horizon Air AFA LEC Hotel / Transportation Chair, Council #17 
(360) 631-0792   
email: judiharrisongooldafa@gmail.com 

Anne Strand
Horizon Air AFA LEC Hotel / Transportation Chair, Council #16 
(206) 940-4634 
 email: annestrandafa@gmail.com                                        

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Website: afahorizon.org

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