Fleet Plan Changes

Update on Fleet Plan Optimization:   As of April 2018   We will receive an additional 3 E 175 delivers in 2018.  We were scheduled to receive 13 E’s and we will now receive 16 E’s in 2018.  However, there is still no projected fleet growth as Q’s will be retired in concert with E […]

Pairing Optimization

What is Pairing Optimization Now that we have a little over a year in PBS we thought a note to you on how the AFA Scheduling Committee’s focus has changed from bid line development to pairing development (trip building) within the pairing optimization process. Simply put, your AFA local base scheduling committees and the AFA […]

Duty Day Sideletter Pairings

Recently we informed you of a SideLetter to your AFA contact that allows a Flight Attendant to exceed the contractual 14-hour duty hard stop on a rescheduled trip when requested by Crew Scheduling on the last leg of a trip to when returning to domicile and the Flight Attendant gives their permission. We want to […]

Cross Type Pairings

Cross-Type Pairings: As management continually views and evaluates increased productivity, they have decided to take a closer look at “soft time” (time in which an FA is not actively working a flight; including DHs and airport sits). On February 5, 2018, AFA was involved in an SRM (Safety Risk Matrix) evaluating the option of cross-type […]