Disruptive Behaviors

What is disruptive behavior? Disruptive behavior is any inappropriate behavior, confrontation, or conflict, ranging from verbal abuse to any inappropriate action, whether physical or sexual. Disruptive behavior can cause strong psychological and emotional feelings that can challenge the safety of others and the community. Disruptive behavior amongst crewmembers can impact good crew resource management (CRM). […]

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2 Hot 2 Cold?

Do you sweat or freeze in the airplane cabin? Download our App to report it! Today, the FAA and the DOT have no operating requirements for cabin temperatures. As a result, in the summer, cabins can get too hot; in the winter, they can get too cold. If it’s too hot, crew and passengers can […]

~UPDATE~ Negotiation Prep

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants, Wanted to give everyone an update from the Negotiations Committee. We’d like to say “Thank You” to everyone that took the survey. The committee met on Monday of this week (November 5th) in Portland and we covered the following areas: * Discussed the survey results and determined the negotiation priorities * […]