ACT Team Information – UPDATED

Hello All,

Your ACT chairs (Action Contract Team) would like to thank everyone that stopped by during our March sit. It was a great turnout and we received some excellent questions regarding the first three months of our negotiations. Hopefully you all had a chance to read the negotiation updates thus far which are posted to each month. We are encouraging each of you to be very involved and educate yourself on what is happening at the negotiations table.  Every one of you are essential to our overall success. We are stronger together and better together!

There are 3 ways to get your information at any time. You may:

  1. Visit the HZN website: for negotiation updates or any concerns regarding your experiences at work.
  2. The HZN FB page has official updates as well. Just “Like” the page.
  3. Finally, you may request to have any official updates sent to your personal email. Go to and enter your information from the blue “Info Update” box.

The next negotiation session with management will be April 16th – 18th.  Our upcoming crew sits are as follows:

SEA w/Jenn – Friday, April 19th & Saturday, April 20th

PDX w/Sirkka – Monday, April 22nd & Tuesday April 23rd

If you are unable to attend a crew sit, please forward any questions and concerns. Remember you can always reach us at or

Looking forward to seeing you in April!

In Unity,

Sirkka and Jennifer

PDX and SEA ACT Chairs

New PAE Parking – UPDATED

AFA has been discussing the amenities of the PAE operation with Kieran Whitney for several weeks and the parking lot is one of those amenities. Additionally, parking at a base is covered in our contract language, Article 4.C. Parking. Heather Coleman, LEC 16 President, recently drove to PAE to view the proposed parking lot and expressed the Council’s concerns to the MEC. AFA MEC leaders were able to speak with Kieran and express the following security concerns before he attended a “parking” meeting later that day:

  1. Vacant offices in the vicinity
  2. Visible signs of the homeless having used the parking lot and vacant offices
  3. Large hedges on one side of the parking lot blocking views
  4. Lack of security as well as a lack of secure fencing around perimeter of parking lot
  5. Located in a less desirable area of town
  6. Lighting

At our last management meeting we proposed a temporary solution to have the shuttle/van driver pick up at each car and drop off at each individual car. This would ensure someone was there at night while we are getting in to ours and could provide assistance and/or stay with us if a car was unable to start, etc.

After expressing our concerns about the safety of our flight attendants, we are now pleased to announce that the company has moved us, temporarily, from a vacant parking lot to on-site airport parking. Please see Dee Dee’s email below for instructions on how to park at PAE.


Hello Everyone,

Have some updates to share about the temporary parking arrangements at PAE.

For the month of April, we will be parking in the terminal parking lot.  It is the P1 short term parking lot out in front of the terminal.  This is a short term solution until a long term arrangement can be worked out.  When parking in the short term parking lot, your parking tickets will need to be validated.  Here is a sample timeline from parking to arriving at your gate:

  • Arrive at parking lot, receive parking ticket (5-10 minutes prior to show time)
  • Check in at crew room inside C5 ops building (The one with the blue Alaska sign on the front)
  • While inside the C5 ops building, stop by the OPS agent (you will walk past this person when going to the crew room) sign your name and grab one “chaser ticket”.
  • Walk to terminal and go through security (10 minutes)

Upon arriving to PAE at the end of your trip:

  • When you leave the parking lot, first insert the white parking ticket
  • Then insert the orange “chaser ticket” (it chases the parking ticket if you want to think of it like that)
  • The gate will lift once you insert both tickets.  If you have any troubles, there is a help button on the terminal to ask for assistance

Due to a limited number of parking space, only crews working flights or deadheading out of PAE are allowed to validate parking.  Crew members traveling for pleasure are not permitted to validate parking.  This is only applies for the month of April until a long term parking solution can be arranged.

Mixed Pairings – Update

Dear Horizon AFA Flight Attendants,

AFA is very concerned with the mixed pairings that are scheduled to take place commencing with the April bid.  When we first heard the idea from inflight management about ten months ago, we expressed numerous concerns that we had. These included safety, operational, quality of life, credit values and the ability to preference individual aircraft. We also cited contractual language that we believe the potential mixed pairing would violate.  The pushback from management diminished with each meeting and we believed we had an understanding that overall, mixed pairings were not the best solution for us. Therefore, iIt was disconcerting to discover that mixed pairings were going to be constructed for April 2019.  We expected at least a one-month delay given the delay in opening PAE not to mention limiting the number of mixed pairing trips to ease this change into the operation. This was not the case.  The Grievance Committee will be filing a grievance on behalf of all flight attendants related to this contractual violation.

The Scheduling Committee currently consists of two representatives; Callie Von Borstel, our MEC Crew Planning Liaison/Scheduling Chair and Peter Oxentenko, the LEC 17 Scheduling Chair.  Volunteer Flight Attendants are needed now in all domiciles to represent scheduling concerns. If you are interested in this position, or would like more information on getting involved, please reach out to Peter Oxentenko or Kirk Hansen for LEC 17 or Heather Coleman for LEC 16 domicile based Flight Attendants.

Thank you as we work on your behalf and hold management accountable to our contract.  Please continue to wear AFA pin showing support for our contract, local leaders and negotiations committee members.


Heather Coleman LEC16 President 

Kirk Hansen LEC17 President 

PAE Communication From Heather Coleman

As your Local Executive Council 16 President I have been in discussions with Management, specifically Kieran Whitney, Managing Director, Inflight and Dee Dee Caldwell, Director since August of last year. The information management had regularly provided was confirmation that we would begin with overnights in PAE, that the flying would operate this way for several months and that communications would go out in advance of pairings. Kieran posted the same information on our company website on January 3, 2019 in a post from one of our FAs.

We met in person with Kieran and Dee Dee in January to present a document for their review and approval. The response we received was a strike out of almost all improvements and the language that would better define it as a co-domicile. We countered and did not hear anything again until February 20th. The most recent response from management stated that any financial components would need to be considered part of the negotiations process. That means any dollars agreed to for PAE would be deducted from the dollars brought to the table in negotiations.

AFA began these discussions in August with the understanding we wanted to have these issues resolved prior to bidding.

The company moved forward far more quickly than agreed and without any notice to your AFA leaders. Your local council and the Master Executive Council (MEC) agree that this has caused unnecessary conflict and stress on our Flight Attendants. This time would have been much better spent developing mutually agreed upon definitions for this additional flying, i.e. Co-Domicile, Co-Terminal, Base, etc. as well developing a communication, including details on all of the things that are important for you to know and far enough in advance to give each of you time to decide how you wanted to proceed with base selections, reserve assignments, etc. Additionally, we believe the delays from management have been very shortsighted and have prevented us from providing you much needed information.

I recently toured the potential parking lot in PAE and provided Kieran a list of areas that need attention before use as well pictures to document our concerns. Management is still working with crew planning/scheduling to determine if reserve will be able to preference PAE versus SEA and if so, the process for such. Management will be releasing a PAE Q & A soon which will hopefully answer more of your questions.

In Tuesday’s management meeting we agreed to meet more frequently as needed until resolution is reached. We will continue to keep you appraised of our work and any new information we receive.

SAP – Restricted Access

Horizon Air MEC has been in contact with management regarding the restricted access to SAP this evening. We are posting the language from the Settlement below. Management will keep us apprised of any updates and we will forward to you as we receive them. We expect that Kieran and Dee Dee will also keep you updated via email. His first email is also copy din below. Your MEC will follow up on the Settlement once SAP is fully functional.

Settlement Language
“If a similar SAP outage occurs (more than 10 flight attendants restricted within, or denied access to the system, or if it gets taken offline due to programing or server issues within AAG/AIMS control) occurs again, all flight attendants awarded a full or part-time regular line will receive an additional twelve credits.”

From Kieran: I just wanted to write a note to you about our SAP that opened tonight. While trades are currently being processed within the system we were notified of a problem within the system. We found out that shortly after trading opened and notification from AFA leadership that trips on your line were not populating the trip details when you clicked on them. As a result, you needed to now view your pairings in the bid packets for the full details. I understand that is very frustrating needing to look in two different locations in order to complete a trade, for that I do apologize.
We have been working hard since we discovered the defect to fix it. We most likely won’t be able to find the root cause tonight as it looks like there may be multiple possibilities that are causing this. However, this issue is going to be top of our list to identify the root cause and determine a path for remedy.
I will update you as soon as I can with more details.

/ kieran




Reserve credit Sort List Failure to Update

AFA has settled a Master Executive Grievance with Inflight for the failure of the Reserve Credit Sort List to update in real time during the fall of 2018.  All Flight Attendants who were awarded a short call bid line during the months of August, September, October or November 2018 will receive one (1) credit hour of pay added to their next regular paycheck as a grievance settlement.

Although your MEC felt our flight attendants deserved more than what was eventually agreed upon, we also felt that it was more beneficial to settle than move forward with arbitration and a possible outcome of cease and desist without any monetary award.

Negotiations Update – March

Horizon Negotiations Update

AFA and management met again this week, for three full days in Seattle. AFA’s committee members are MEC President Ed Hawes; Flight Attendants Joelle Fuhrman and Tanya Phillips; and our professional negotiator and attorney, Kimberley Chaput. Management’s team consisted of Kieran Whitney, Managing Director, Inflight; Michelle Abidoye, Managing Director, People and Labor Relations; DeeDee Caldwell, Director, Inflight; Taylor Ball, attorney; Melissa Pierce, Employee Relations; and Brittany Audette, financial analyst.

We signed off on three articles this week, bringing the total so far to seven (out of 27 articles in our contract). This week’s articles are:

  • Medical Examinations (Article 10): We will now have the ability to contest the opinion of a Company doctor with respect to whether a Flight Attendant is fit for duty. Her/his own doctor can also write a report; if the doctors disagree, they jointly select a third doctor, whose opinion will be binding.
  • Association Activities (Article 21): Management agreed to provide AFA with 4 days of paid trip drops to conduct union business. This will give us more flexibility to represent you while helping our budget go farther.
  • Grievances (Article 23): We eliminated the grievance worksheet (which originally made the grievance process longer with no real benefit) and adjusted the grievance mediation language to reflect how we mediate our cases. Finally, we added a mechanism for creating a panel of arbitrators to help that process go more quickly. Grievances is one of the most important sections of our contract, since grievance and arbitration are how we protect the contract that we fight so hard for.

We also discussed the following additional articles:

Duty-Time Expenses (Article 4): The three hot items in this article are hotels, crew meals and per diem. For hotels, we continued discussions regarding hotel selection and review. Our Hotel Committee has been invaluable in helping us understand the issues and in giving us background information. Although we’re not done, it looks like we will have some language on hotel minimum standards in the contract—which is a big improvement over our current vague language.

Crew meals and per diem are somewhat tied together. The Company has proposed eliminating the vending machines in exchange for a 4-cent per hour increase in per diem. Under their proposal, Q-400 Flight Attendants would still be able to order from the supply list and E-175 Flight Attendants could eat leftover hot/fresh passenger meals (if there are any). This is clearly inadequate. Per diem is meant to cover some meal costs, of course, but we have crew meals in part because we don’t have time in our day to get off the plane, go into the terminal and buy food and be back on the plane in time for boarding. We also think 4 cents of per diem is ridiculous, and we continue to push for a greater increase.

Leaves of Absence (Article 14): Our big issue here is maintaining insurance coverage during leaves. Horizon goes further than most employers in providing insurance for the first six months of a leave. We think that’s great, but we also feel that Flight Attendants should be covered for longer and should at the very least, get insurance if they’re still using sick or vacation after the six months.

We are also looking to revamp the maternity section. Right now, we don’t have a specific parental leave provision, other than FMLA, that would cover fathers or other parents, or cover anyone in the case of adoption. We have had only very preliminary discussions so far.

Safety, Health & Security (Article 26): We worked on increasing the number of incidents for which Flight Attendants could be released from a trip, as well as extending the amount of time off following such an incident. We just briefly discussed this Article and will have more robust discussions at the next session.

Our next session will be April 16-18 in Seattle. In the meantime, our Action Contract Team (ACT) will be in PDX and SEA on March _11th PDX (0530-1700), SEA (0930-2100) and12th PDX (0430-1430) SEA (0430-1430). ACT Chairs Sirkka Haagen and Jennifer Levcun. Stop by, pick up an AFA pin and get your negotiations questions answered. Show your support for QX AFA and get your picture taken with your pin and posted on our HZN FB page.

Our updates will also be posted on our website, and on our official Facebook page, HZN AFA. Like our page to see posts in your newsfeed.

Remember to wear your AFA pin! Management does notice, and they notice that you are behind us at the table. After all, we’re stronger together and better together!

DOT Prohibits CBD Use

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a nonpsychoactive chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Typically found in oil form, CBD is used to treat a variety of medical issues such as inflammation, epileptic seizures, and anxiety.

CBD is chemically distinguishable from THC, and therefore will not cause a positive drug test result under the DOT drug testing panel. However, as the manufacturing and purification processes for CBD products are unregulated, it is possible for CBD products to contain other cannabinoids, such as THC.

The Drug Enforcement Agency recently created an extremely limited exception for CBD formulations that include no more than 0. I percent THC, moving FDA-approved medicinal formulations to Schedule V of the Controlled Substances Act.

However, only one medication, is prescribed for two rare epilepsy disorders—is currently available.

All other cannabis products, including CBD, are classified as Schedule I controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act and, thus, are illegal under federal law. 49 CFR Part 40 does not authorize the use of Schedule I drugs for any reason.

As always, your EAP Reps are available to address any questions or concerns.

 AFA International  1-800-424-2406 or your local EAP 503-729-4439.

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