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ACT Team Information – UPDATED

Hello All, Your ACT chairs (Action Contract Team) would like to thank everyone that stopped by during our March sit. It was a great turnout and we received some excellent questions regarding the first three months of our negotiations. Hopefully you all had a chance to read the negotiation updates […]

New PAE Parking – UPDATED

AFA has been discussing the amenities of the PAE operation with Kieran Whitney for several weeks and the parking lot is one of those amenities. Additionally, parking at a base is covered in our contract language, Article 4.C. Parking. Heather Coleman, LEC 16 President, recently drove to PAE to view […]

Mixed Pairings – Update

Dear Horizon AFA Flight Attendants, AFA is very concerned with the mixed pairings that are scheduled to take place commencing with the April bid.  When we first heard the idea from inflight management about ten months ago, we expressed numerous concerns that we had. These included safety, operational, quality of life, credit values and the ability to preference individual aircraft. We also cited contractual language that […]

SAP – Restricted Access

Horizon Air MEC has been in contact with management regarding the restricted access to SAP this evening. We are posting the language from the Settlement below. Management will keep us apprised of any updates and we will forward to you as we receive them. We expect that Kieran and Dee […]


GRIEVANCE SETTLEMENT 06-99-02-21-18 Reserve credit Sort List Failure to Update AFA has settled a Master Executive Grievance with Inflight for the failure of the Reserve Credit Sort List to update in real time during the fall of 2018.  All Flight Attendants who were awarded a short call bid line during […]

Negotiations Update – March

Horizon Negotiations Update AFA and management met again this week, for three full days in Seattle. AFA’s committee members are MEC President Ed Hawes; Flight Attendants Joelle Fuhrman and Tanya Phillips; and our professional negotiator and attorney, Kimberley Chaput. Management’s team consisted of Kieran Whitney, Managing Director, Inflight; Michelle Abidoye, […]

DOT Prohibits CBD Use

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a nonpsychoactive chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Typically found in oil form, CBD is used to treat a variety of medical issues such as inflammation, epileptic seizures, and anxiety. CBD is chemically distinguishable from THC, and therefore will not cause a positive drug test result […]