New TSA KCM Requirements

New KCM Requirements But No Uniform Required August 30, 2019 This past week we worked with airlines and pilots to encourage TSA to halt a previously announced uniform requirement while we discussed possible other mitigations to maintain and enhance the Known Crewmember security screening. Yesterday, we met at TSA headquarters as a group to review […]

*Important* KCM Update

August 26, 2019 Important KCM Update Since the announcement on Saturday that Known Crewmember (KCM) procedures would change AFA has been interfacing with TSA, industry, and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). We are pleased to report to you the procedure to require a uniform for access through KCM will not go into effect this […]

TSA Issues Notice of KCM Change

August 24, 2019 TSA Issues Notice of KCM Change Earlier today, TSA posted an Alert to the KCM website, changing procedures for the program. (Full notice text included below) Unpredictable Screening Procedures will change August 27 and the requirement for crew uniforms will become effective this Wednesday, August 28th. It is highly unusual that a […]

Thank You.

Hey All, We would like to thank you for your participation in Safety Days last Thursday and Friday. Lori and Bryan visited the PDX/SEA ramps and crew rooms to discuss your safety concerns. We appreciate those of you who took time to share your concerns with us and have forwarded your concerns to the safety […]

Bridge the Gap Nationwide – Air Wisconsin Picketing

Bridge the Gap Nationwide Picketing – Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019 This Wednesday, we’ll be out on the picket line across the country fighting to Bridge the Gap for Flight Attendants at regional airlines. We’re targeting DCA, ORD, and LAX to push negotiations forward at United Express carriers Air Wisconsin, GoJet, and Delta Connection/American Eagle carrier Compass!  Flight Attendants […]

Negotiations Informational Events

** Locations & times updates ** Hello Fellow Flight Attendants, HZN AFA Negotiation’s Team and ACT Chairs would like to invite all AFA members to a negotiation informational event. This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions in a social environment, away from the airport, regarding our future contract. You’ll have an opportunity […]

Stop Toxic Fumes!

TAKE ACTION: Stop Toxic Fumes! August 13, 2019 The Cabin Air Safety Act of 2019 aims to protect airline passengers and crew from the harmful effects of toxic cabin air. “Our workspace is the public’s travel space and in that space today, crews and passengers are breathing toxins and it has to stop,” said AFA International […]