2020 Open Enrollment Update

2020 Open Enrollment Update

October 13, 2019 BY lisa davis-warren (MEC Vice PRESIDENT)

The Master Executive Council (MEC) recently attended the Annual Horizon Air Labor Annual Benefits Enrollment Meeting.



Enrollment opens on October 23rd and ends at 2200 on November 13th.

Premera Medical

Centers of Excellence across the country for Knee, Hip and Spine injuries. These are screened and approved as high-quality care providers. This is an option; it is not required to use these centers.

After your deductible, all costs are covered. 

Out of pocket costs, up to $3,000, may be reimbursed for transportation to one of these facilities, hotel stay, ground transportation, etc.

There are approximately 20 centers for knee and hip injuries/conditions. Approximately 18 centers for spine injuries/conditions. 

Deductible and co pays are applicable when using in network providers versus a Center of Excellence. 

Formulary changed for prescriptions. There will be four (4) tiers and a standard exclusionary list.

Premera App will continue to offer the TeleDoc feature.

Standard PPO is only available to those hired before 1/1/2017. CCPPO is an option. For anyone hired after 1/1/2017 the CCPPO is the only option.

Behavioral Health

Beginning January 1st, you will be able to register online for behavioral health services via video conferencing and telephonic sessions for behavioral health services; psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, as well as the standard in office sessions. All subject to standard deductible and co-pays. These services are to be used when a medical diagnosis has been established after using your six (6) free EAP visits (depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, insomnia). The response time will be much faster than the standard in office visit provider response times. It may be as little as 1-2 days.

Talk Space

Text messaging sessions with mental health providers

Physical Therapy

Physera – New option for app based physical therapy. Will include the ability to send exercise programs to your mobile device. All equipment needed will be sent to your home (resistive tubing – bands, adjustable door pulleys, balls). All subject to standard deductible and co-pays.

Delta Dental

Lowered deductible for dental plan. $25 Individual/$50 Family. Annual maximum $1,750.

Adding orthodontia to our plan

80% coinsurance after individual lifetime deductible of $100

Lifetime maximum (per person) of $2000 max


Adding contact lens exam and fitting coverage. $150 allowance.

Flexible Savings Accounts

FSA will be the same as last year (IRS max $2700). This amount may be adjusted during the plan year if the IRS designates a higher amount. Participants will be able to increase their amount if this does happen.

Consumer Choice PPO Savings Account

Remains the same at the IRS max of $3500 individual & $7000 family. Company contribution will also remain the same, $1000 Individual / $2,000 Individual plus One Dependent

Supplemental Benefits (Employee Paid Options)

Addition to the plan – Accident Insurance

Standard PPO is only available to those hired before 1/1/2017. CCPPO is an option. For anyone hired after 1/1/2017 the CCPPO is the only option.

In Solidarity,

Your MEC Leave and Benefits Committee Chair Lisa Davis-Warren and LEC 16 Committee Chair Wendy Kaihara