2021 Quarterly Hotel Update

***2021 Quarterly Hotel Update***

Hi Everybody;

Hope you had a great start to the 2021 Spring season!

 I’d like to thank those of you who took the time to file your reports on CrewConnex and I hope you were satisfied with how it was handled.  For those of you I spoke with personally, thank you!  Your feedback is useful and really does bring around change.  Keep up the good work!  

As we start to gear up for the summer, we wanted to update you on some Hotel News!  Here are just a few things your AFA Hotel Committee have been working on for you – 


1/   New Hotel Sign-In Sheets – Protection for you!

With our contract stating that first names of Crew Members were not to be on the hotel sign-in sheets, we submitted a request to Travelliance to follow through with the hotels to ensure this was happening.  There were a few hiccups, however,  we’re happy to report that Travelliance developed  a program for the hotels to utilize when printing the sign-in sheets that will only show Crew Members last name.  For your safety, we suggest when you sign in, just use the first initial of your first name.  

**If you do see a hotel that has your first name printed on the sign-in sheet, please let us know so we can address it immediately.** 

2/  Hotel Shuttles

Please note that we are still using the “Crew Only” policy for shuttles/taxis.  This “Crew Only” policy was put into effect for your safety. This means if another airline lands before QX in a city, they will not wait for our crews.    If your crew decides to allow others to ride in your shuttle, that is your Crews’ choice and as a courtesy to your co-workers, should be a mutual decision.  The hotels are doing their best to avoid long waits for our Crews as they also take care of their regular paying guests,  but this is not always possible due to hotel staff shortages and/or having only one shuttle available.  A reminder, our contract allows for the use of a taxi/uber if the curbside wait reaches 20 minutes or more.

3/ Hotel Room Connecting Doors 

FA’s shouldn’t be assigned rooms with connecting doors, however mistakes happen.   If this occurs, please notify Front Desk immediately and politely ask for a room change and share why. (please keep in mind, Front Desk clerks are not always aware of this policy, so please be kind and patient).  If there is a problem getting a room without a connecting door, please reach out to Crew Scheduling, On-duty Manager( there is usually someone on duty until 10pm most evenings), or the AFA Hotel Committee for resolution.

4/  CrewConnex Information Update

Travelliance is working on updating the information on CrewConnex to make the information on each property more consistent.  There will be a heading marked “Contractual Amenities” that will show if your fridge has a freezer or not and if the room has a microwave or if it’s located in the lobby.  This should streamline Crews check-in so you’ll know if ice packs should be left at Front Desk and if a trip to the lobby to heat up a meal is required.

5/ RNO – We’re moving on May 2nd!

Check out the Courtyard Marriott on South Virginia Street.  Our rooms will have a fridge and microwave and the hotel will be buying a small freezer for “crew only” ice packs.  There is the usual Courtyard Marriott restaurant available for breakfast and dinner.  Still working out the final details on discount.  A good choice of dining options within a one mile radius.  They have a cozy outdoor courtyard area in the back to relax, perhaps have a picnic with your crew. 

And for fun & relaxation…..there is a miniature golf place next door!

6/  Location Updates 

FAT – We will have a handful of overnights in the month of May.  Our hotel will be the Hilton Garden Clovis.  For more information about location and amenities, hop onto their website!

IDA / RDD – stay tuned for information on where we will be staying for these two new layovers starting June 17th.

GTF – we are temporarily moved while The Heritage Inn address issues regarding locks on exterior doors

AUS – we are looking at some new options, however, due to budget restraints, it will still be by the airport

Thank you again for all your comments and support.  Enjoy the rest of the Spring season!  Fly safe!


Judi Harrison-Goold

AFA HZN MEC Hotel Chair

(360) 631-0792