HZN LEC 17 Spring 2018 Meeting Minutes

HZN LEC 17 Spring 2018 Meeting Minutes

HZN LEC 17 Spring 2018 Meeting Minutes

 March 12, 2018 – Sandy Room – PDX Airport

Call to order – 1405 – Kirk Hansen & Jane Casey

Present: Lori Kordosky, Jane Casey, Callie von Borstel, Kirk Hansen, Marcella Oswald, Lynnette Clark, Sara Nelson, Ed Hawes and Lisa Davis-Warren

Approved minutes from October 23, 2017, meeting.

Budget report.  Kirk reported that we’ve spent 33% of our annual budget. Our budget runs from June 1 to May 31.  He encouraged anyone with legitimate expenditures to get them turned in.

Lisa reminded everyone that we have 60-days to turn in our expenses.

Sara Nelson informed everyone that union expenditures, especially personal expenses, are under scrutiny with the new elections/administration.  Thankfully AFA Intl has tight expense controls.  Reiterated that only legitimate expenses should be submitted.


Guest Speaker Sara Nelson – AFA International President

Janus vs AFSCME, a right to work case being heard by the US Supreme Court will have a decision in June.  Want all officers to know and understand exactly what this means.  Fair Share Fees…..a non-union employee receives the benefits unions provide in services/negotiations.  If the court reverses earlier decisions, public sector unions will no longer be able to have auto deduction for dues collection and everyone would have to sign up every year.  It would shift a large portion of our time to dues collection – undermining the work we do today for AFA members.  Some states already have this, but this pushes it to the federal level.  There will be a big focus on this at BOD (Board of Directors) April 9-11.  Plan to roll-out a member education program in April-May before June decision.

Sexual Harassment. The issue is not about body parts but power and control.  It is a discrimination and human rights issue. Union is for equality and beating back discrimination.   AFA has a sexual harassment survey that closes March 21.  Please get flying partners to take.

West Virginia’s 9-day Teachers’ strike was a huge win!  Not only did the teachers from throughout the entire state walk out, but substitute teachers refused to cross the picket lines, as did other school employees.  They got a 5% raise and a hold on raising health insurance premiums.  Solidarity in action. The power of solidarity needs to be publicized!

FAA reauthorization bill.  House led and senate followed.  Last week the bill controversial issue of ATC Reform was scrapped.  Current bill will expire end of March. Expecting a short-term extension while House and Senate work on a bill that can be adopted this year.  Republicans need to pass something and FAA reauthorization bill is it.  They are writing a new bill. The foundation will be items already in both house and senate bills. Delay on long-term funding has become common – the last FAA bill adopted without numerous extensions was in 2007.  Need to TIE IN WITH FlightPAC!  No dues, but FlightPAC voluntary contributions are critical!  Pre-bargaining message: “What we legislate, we don’t have to negotiate!”

Evacuation Certification Standards also in the bill: Significant for us as it relates to Flight Attendant staffing. 1950’s evacuation of one FA for 50 PAX and 90 second evacuation w/exits blocked.  Since the 90’s it has not been a full-scale evacuation for certification. They use simulation based on old models of aircraft configuration.  Airline’s only do partial evacuations.  Aircraft used are like 1990’s and not aircraft of today.  Need to study current cabins for certification.  Seat pitch hinders people from getting out.

Congrats on fight for 10 and how QX got rest for FAs and fatigue risk management plan.

Studying Staffing issues across the industry.  Lot more work for FAs with narrow seats and gadgets.  Need to increase number of FAs in the cabin and balance the workload.  Not enough jump seats is no excuse.  FAs can sit in cabin if not enough jump seats.  This use to be done.

Bridge the gap is equal pay for equal work.  To make this happen, all FAs need to be committed to it.  AFA has Alaska and United; however, we need American and/or Delta… absolutely American as we can press for a merger. APFA currently involved in DOL supervised election. AA negotiations begin in December 2018.

Bargaining summit after AFA BOD being led by Joe Burns.  Regionals can do so much more than we are doing to coordinate a negotiations strategy.  We need to do what we can.

Air Quality – legislation has been introduced.  Working w/Spirit protocols to avoid air quality incidents.

Toxic uniform issues arose after International trade pushed U.S. garment industry overseas.  Uniforms were 50% USA made.  Now they are 1% USA made.  Lack of quality control has caused cross contamination.   Harvard study proved toxic uniforms are causing health issues.  Different people react differently to the chemicals in the uniforms.  Some people experience hair loss, rash, breathing problems, etc.  Currently involved in using CA law regarding specific chemical notifications to push American to remove toxic uniforms from the property – approximately 3000 AFA members at American Eagle in these uniforms.


Committee Reports:

ASHS – Bryan’s report read by Callie.

Orange blanket bags on Q400s have been missing for months…past year depending on who you talk to.  FAs unable to order…out of stock. Mgmt is aware and bags are slowly making their way back onto the a/c.

Cabin Air Quality Team (CART) – Working with Jen Evers and AS AFA to roll-out QX policy/procedure.

Hearing records – Trying to get hearing records for FAs.  Researching where/who to request them from.

New water walk service – Researching if an SRM was done.  If so, would like to see a copy of the information.

Safety Days – Working with company and David Lett, who is leading this. Things that can be included: greet a/c & groom; snacks; distribute door/window blocks (Lisa reported EAPs will distribute); assist FAs with Report It!; remind FAs to leave lights on during flight; answer FA questions/concerns.

Sexual Harassment Focus group – Lori and Lynnette attending tomorrow.


Benefits & Leaves & W/C – Lisa reported.

WA family paid leave may extend family members.  Airlines (AS/QX) are fighting.  Wendy Kaihara is keeping an eye on things and will keep LEC 16 up-to-date and put notices out when the time arrives.

OR sick leave had a big win.  Will publicize victory at a later date.  Huge thanks to Kirk and the wonderful work he did.


Electronic Communications: No report.   Ed provided updates.

New Website: Alaska’s AFA has been very generous in letting us duplicate the design and map system Alaska uses.  Brian Palmer spent two-years working on the system. Be sure and thank AS for their generosity.

Kevin Robins, LEC 17, is revamping the appearance of our QXAFA.ORG website and technology.  Seth Brookens, LEC 16, is working on the “behind the scenes” ticket system.  It will be a one-click system for reporting issues to any committee and will go to MEC or LEC area.  Ed reported that FAs entering a report/issue will receive a number and can track the status of the report/issue.  Leadership and FA can see where in the system the report is and the report will no longer go into a black hole.  We are very close to implementing.  Hope to have a timeline soon.  Will have updated pictures, International, finance department.  New, fresh and exciting.

When the new and improved www.qxafa.org (New site will be under the new domain AFAHorizon.org to show our solidarity with AFAAlaska.org)  is rolled out, communications from AFA will be posted to the website, as well as the new HZN AFA Facebook page.  Flight Attendants will be able to follow the FB page and opt to have it be “Seen First” on their FB feed.


EAP – Lynnette Clark, MEC Chair, reported that Tracy Lasater has accepted the position of LEC 17 Chair.  Stephanie Ursino is the Chair for LEC 16.

Joint EAP/CIRP training held in January that included AFA LECs and QX management.  AFA International’s, Heather Healy, spoke/trained. Management was stunned at the insight, materials, professionalism, and tips.  They plan to attend full training sessions.  Officers offered huge KUDOs to Lynnette for orchestrating this event.

Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) training on May 15 –  Dee Dee, Kieran, Jen, and LECs to attend.  Sent invite to Committee Chairs.  Emergencies outside of the plane need to be handled better, as CIRP dropped the ball big time with the STS fires.  A panel is being put together, which will include an FA and CA involved in the STS fire.  Working with Dee Dee to pay the FA.  CIRP is a hot topic since LAS shootings, STS fire, and Hawaii missile false alarm.

Flight Attendant Drug & Alcohol Program (FADAP) Upcoming conference in Baltimore Sept 11-13. MEC Jen, Dee Dee, and Kieran are attending. Suzanne may or may not go.  FADAP cards need to be distributed to FAs at all bases.  Will put in Tracy’s and Stephanie’s boxes for distribution.  ODOT testing card to be put in their boxes, as well. ODOT card is for FAs to give to their doctor to determine if the FA can use certain medications and still perform FA duties.

EAP phone usage: Discussion regarding reimbursement of cell phone usage by EAP reps.  LEC 17 to discuss and get back to the EAP Committee.

Company vs. Union EAP:  Need to better inform New Hires with regards to EAP services.  AFA’s EAP is separate from the company’s.  When a newbie went for treatment using QX-EAP the FA signed a company Substance Abuse Assistance Agreement (SAAA) which the FA didn’t adhere to the terms and was terminated.  Had the FA used the AFA EAP system, this would not have happened.  Heather Healy is helping with a Trifold flyer that will be distributed to FAs.  There is room to add another issue.  When the new website is up and running would like to see an article a month to better inform all FAs.


FAB – No LEC 17 chair.  No report.  Heather, MEC Chair, is on leave.

Lori commented on the new Water Walk Service – AFA was never consulted and asked to provide input.  This service was initiated by Alaska, not QX, and no SRM was done.  The Safety Committee is involved now and their concerns include: No 3-pt contact, no forward cargo water, no SRM done, some flights on the Water Walk list are not long enough for both a water walk and cart service.

The hot water Mapco for tea will be on all Q400s soon and tea will be on the a/c again.

It was suggested that Terry Ballestrazze be the LEC 17 chair.


Grievance – Marcella Oswald was appointed LEC 17 Chair.  She reported that supervisor’s need better training with regards to handling FA issues.  They are not doing due diligence before asking FAs to stop by the office between flight legs.  The constant change of supervisor’s does not help.  Marcella loves her new position and is very thankful for ED/Kirk and their help.  There are five grievances for system boards.  LEC 17 has two disciplinary.


Hotel – Jane Casey reported that it’s the first time in history that the company is not 100% budget focused with regards to employee hotels.  Collaborative team working together: FA rep, pilot rep, Travel Alliance and management.  For 5-months since May 2017 she worked fulltime with management and visited 50+ hotels in 15 cities and visited 8-10 properties per city.  Looking for:  safety, quality of life, transportation and pros/cons.  Anne Strand is helping and Judi Harrison-Goold recently joined the team.

Jane attended an independent Global Cabin Crew Accommodations Committee Conference (GCCACC) in PDX last year.  There were 20 airlines represented by 50 reps from around the world.  It was very insightful with common issues across the board.  This year the conference will be in Baltimore in September.  Jane and Judi Harrison-Goold will be attending.  Sara Nelson commented that AFA supports this conference fully even though they don’t sponsor it.

Re-evaluating each property for emergency evacuation procedures, staff training, working alarms.  Visiting hotels with checklist in hand.  AAG security officer involved in more sketchy areas like LAX hotels.

Will be in SAN next week with Judi.  Currently no permanent hotel, only temporary.  Have been paying full price for over a year.  Looking at different neighborhood for St Louis. SJC has the most complaints.

Crews need to take emergency plans seriously and arrange meeting spot.

Jane’s work is being shared with majors (United given checklist) and she’s been asked to be on the AFA Hotel committee for BOD.

Window/door blocks – Per Lisa, the batteries arrived.  Need to put in envelopes and distribute to FAs.


Jump Seat Reciprocity Agreements – No report


Legislature Affairs – No report.  Lisa commented that – Congress was not in session last quarter.  Back in session now.


Reserve – No report.  Josh Haines resigned as MEC chair.  Deb Harding Elliott is acting Chair, but needs time to learn.


Scheduling – Callie is the new crew planning liaison and gave a report.

Mixed-pairings between the 175 and 400 for our FAs.  Met with Management on February 5 to conduct an SRM.  The soonest we could possibly see examples of what these trips would look like is in one month (depending on how fast management is working on this project).  We’ve brought to their attention multiple reasons on how FAs will be effected and affected.  Keeping a communication with management in order to retain our seat at the table during these SRMs.

Paine Field (PAE) flying.  End of April is the target date to decide on whether or not PAE will be a co-domicile or if its schedule will be built into pairings from other domiciles.

Building pairings:  Callie’s first month working/learning with Peter.  Management chose FA optimization for the 175 and pilot optimization for the 400. Need to go through thorough training with Jeppesen to fully understand the system’s capabilities.  Will focus on making our trips better for all FAs.  This system can do so much, we just need to tweak it to our advantage.

Scheduling Committee.  Heather and Kirk have been tasked with filling our committee with at least one person from each base.  If anyone is interested, we need to direct them in their direction. Questions can be directed Callie’s way. The third quarter is when we will start having our quarterly meeting with management.  Callie would like to know what each base is dealing with (both on the line and for our reserves).  Plan to team up with Deb in order to help reserves.   Will be having a monthly phone conference with Dee Dee, Kieran, and Bernie Martinez to discuss scheduling.


Uniforms – No report


Unfinished Business

Committee list will be on new website without phone numbers

Lack of reports from committees is due to lack of LEC 17 chairs on committees.


Taking short 10-15 minute break 1658.  Will swap New Business with BOD Agenda/Voting

Resume 1713 – Lori/Kirk


New Business

Lynnette as OST was pre-flighting a/c for FAs and noticed a silver bob lock on the fire extinguisher pin.  Talked with maintenance and apparently the fire extinguishers come that way.  We are not trained to break lock and then pull pin.  In FAM it says to twist and pull.  New hires are being trained, but recurrent was not trained.  Sent email to Bryan that there is an extra step…have to twist and break seal before pulling pin.  Callie to reach out to Bryan.


Board of Directors (BOD) Annual Mtg & Agenda Items to be Voted On:

BOD is being held in Atlantic City April 9-11.  Kirk Hansen is not able to attend for LEC 17 so Lisa Davis-Warren will stand in his stead.  The following agenda items were discussed and voted on by: Lynnette Clark, Marcella Oswald, Jane Casey, Lori Kordosky, Kirk Hansen and Lisa Davis-Warren. Voting was unanimous with special instructions for Lisa.  Callie von Borstel observed.

  1. Should the 2018 – 2019 AFA-CWA Annual Budget be adopted as proposed?  Yes
  1. Should the Nomination Due Date be eliminated? eliminating Nov 1 due date. Yes
  1. Should the time frame for submitting year-end corrections be reduced from 30 to 15 days? No
  1. Should the requirement to publish physical addresses of Continuing Committee Members be eliminated? Yes
  1. Who will be appointed to fill the positions available on the Continuing Committees?  Yes
  1. Should conducting meeting by electronic media be addressed? Yes
  1. Should the current requirement that a Resolution from a Local Council Membership Meeting is required to eliminate a Council Representative position be included in the Constitution? Yes
  1. Should Article X.A.1. be amended to include dual unionism as a reason for expulsion? Yes
  1. Should Coupon Booklets be eliminated?  Lisa….vetting, saving money, maintain current email addresses, add “email” to proposed wording.
  1. Should Dues Deferrals be approved by the International Secretary-Treasurer?  Add language “LECPs shall still be informed of approvals and denials”.  For EAP purposes.  Lisa to vote appropriately.
  1. Should an AFA LEC or MEC Officer be afforded the option of taking a voluntary Leave of Absence from the responsibilities and duties of elected office? Yes
  1. Should there be provisions to replace Local Officers who are no longer performing their duties or have become non-contactable or non-responsive?  Too vague
  1. Should Article VIII.C. be modified so as to provide for a more cost-effective process for nomination processes?  Yes
  1. Should the assignment to Election Categories be assigned later than at the time of establishing the Council? Yes
  1. Should the AFA-CWA Election Handbook be referenced in the AFA Constitution and Bylaws?  Yes
  1. Should the timeline for elections be revised to provide less time between election closing and assumption of office? No
  1. Should the filling of vacant Local Officer positions at Transitional Council’s be examined to determine if vacant positions could be filled by appointments? Yes
  1. Should the many various Articles & Sections of the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws be amended so that MEC Officers will be elected directly by the members? No
  1. Should the C&B be modified to clarify that a candidate may only be considered for one position in an election? Yes
  1. Should the time period to conduct the regular annual Executive Board meeting be expanded? Yes
  1. Should the threshold number of members in a Local Council dissolution or termination as assessed by the Executive Board pursuant to Article III.A.5. be revised? No
  1. Should the minimum number of members required to establish a Local Council be increased? Change language to be percentages rather than specific numbers.  Lisa to vote accordingly.
  1. Should the Policy Manual be amended to clarify that all membership contact information belongs to the Union and must be protected? Yes
  1. When a recall meeting petition is requested for multiple elected officers, should a separate petition be required for each Local Officer being subjected to recall? Yes

Adjourn 1911 Kirk/Jane/Marcella/Lynnette