FADAP Newsletter – February 2020

February 2020 FADAP E Message
Wellness App for Flight Attendants
With interactive features relating to:

Medication & Flying
Flight Attendant Prescription Drug Screener
Prescription Drug Education
Dear Doctor Card

Stressful Events
Check for Post Trauma Stress
Coping with Trauma

Alcohol Use
Flight Attendant Alcohol Screener
Alcohol Education

Sleep Quality Screener
Insomnia Screener
Sleep Education

Meditation & Relaxation

Meditation Training

Available for iPhone and Android
“Wings of Sobriety”
Telephonic meetings are open to all Flight Attendants who are exploring their need for or seeking recovery from substance use disorders.
Meeting times are scheduled on Wednesday at 3:00 pm EST &Sunday at 5:00 pm EST.
Each meeting will last between forty-five (45) minutes to one (1) hour.The conference call in number is
10th Annual FADAP ConferenceAugust 18-20, 2020Baltimore, MD