June 27, 2020 by the Master Executive Council


Do you wear your AFA pin?

The AFA pin is a symbol of unity and solidarity that is proudly worn by all AFA-member Flight Attendants across the industry.  It represents the long history of the struggles and achievements made by our founders and those who have come before us.  Wearing your AFA pin is a great way to show your continued support for the work being done by our Union to advocate for and advance our profession.

Switch out your red AFA pin for your white AFA pin

During contract negotiations, the Master Executive Council (MEC) changed the official AFA pin at Horizon to a red version to symbolize our solidarity and resolve for a contract.  Now that negotiations have concluded and a ratified agreement is in place, it’s time to switch back to the classic white AFA pin.  If you’re still wearing a red AFA pin, the time has come to retire it from wear, as it is no longer the official AFA pin for Horizon Air Flight Attendants. If you would like to recycle your red pin for other carriers who will be in negotiations soon, please drop it one of your officer’s boxes as you pass through a crew room. For June, you are also able to wear the Pride pin, in September the 9/11 Memorial pin, and in February, the Black History Month pin. 

Where can I find a pin?

If you don’t have the white AFA pin already, reach out to your LEC Officers at the address below and let them know that you want to put on your pin!

LEC 17:

Kirk Hansen-
Jamie Moore-
Tanya Phillips-

LEC 16:

Joelle Jaeger-
Jennifer Levcun-
Heather Coleman-

In Solidarity,

Your MEC- Lisa Davis-Warren, Todd Anderson, Aimee Baird, Kirk Hansen and Joelle Jaeger