High Deductible Health Savings Account (HSA): COMPANY CONTRIBUTION

High Deductible Health Savings Account (HSA): COMPANY CONTRIBUTION

On September 14th your MEC was notified of potential missing company contributions into Flight Attendant HSA accounts for 2022. The MEC reached out to the benefits department and requested management complete an audit of all 2022 company Flight Attendant HSA contributions. On September 25th Cheri Ruger, Managing Director, People and Labor Relations approved the requested HSA audit. Further, Ms. Ruger has now informed the MEC that both she and Shelly Parker, Vice President Inflight and Station Operations, acknowledge  that the time it has taken to audit and resolve this critical issue is not only regrettable but also unacceptable given the impact to those Flight Attendants and their dependents waiting on these funds. They remain committed to the funding of the missed contributions and will continue efforts towards resolution as soon as possible.

Our contact in the benefits department was able to provide the following information on the root cause of this issue. “Due to an Alight Solutions (our third-party administrator) file issue, the contributions for some employees were not processed correctly; Alight is aware and is taking steps to correct all the respective issues. The AS benefits team will also implement ongoing reviews and audits to ensure accuracy going forward. Discrepancies fell into the following three categories: Leave of Absence, Transfer, and New Hire Enrollment.” The vendor provided a corrupt report the first time around and unfortunately, benefits was unable to determine why their report was incorrect. Upon reviewing the subsequent report, benefits questioned the validity of that data and requested that the vendor escalate the matter to their reporting team and rerun another report; the final report was reviewed and confirmed for accuracy prior to the delivery back to Alight Solutions for funding. 

The benefits department will be sending an email to impacted Flight Attendants and deposits will be made by Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022. If by Friday, November 4th, you do not receive this email and/or deposit rectifying this issue and are missing one or both (each semi-annual deposit should equal $350 for individuals/$750 for families) of the 2022 company contributions into your Health Savings Account, please notify your Local Officers as soon as possible.

The MEC would like to thank the Flight Attendant/s who filed the report/s, and grievance ticket/s, on our website, bringing this matter to our attention. Through their reporting we were able to correct contributions to 34 Flight Attendants and over 100 Horizon employees, including our Brothers and Sisters in our four unionized work groups. Please continue to report ANY issues that you are unable to resolve. The following are links to the forms on our website:

Issues (General Issues, e.g., scheduling, reserve, jumpseat, uniforms, luggage, leaves and benefits, membership,  
Grievance Ticket (contractual and disciplinary grievances)
AIMS/eCrew Issue (technical issues with open time, SAP, self-assign, etc.)

Our MEC Grievance Committee will continue to keep you apprised of the status of this grievance, as well as others that have been filed. Better Together, Stronger TogetherLisa Davis-WarrenHorizon Air Master Executive Council President
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