Helpful information on Irregular Operations

Helpful information on Irregular Operations

Helpful information on Irregular Operations


Now that we are in the winter months when weather and ATC can unexpectedly interrupt your scheduled trip, we wanted to remind you of the 14-hour contractual duty stop and the exceptions.

During a reschedule crew scheduling cannot reschedule you for more then 14 hours of duty.  However, you can be scheduled for more the 14 hours and up to 16 hours if being deadheaded to a place of rest.

Also, you may be rescheduled for more then 14 hours but not more then 16 hours if it is your last day and last leg of your trip to domicile.   You must agree to the reschedule pass 14 hours and you will be paid 200 percent for that portion of the trip representing the block for the last flight.  Below is the relevant change in the contract language that allows for the 14-hour exceedance on the last leg of your last day of the trip if you agree to accept the reschedule:

Article 5.C of the collective-bargaining agreement is amended to read:


  1. Actual Duty Limitations


The federal regulation governing duty times and rest periods for Flight Attendants will apply to Flight Attendants, provided that a Flight Attendant’s actual duty period will not exceed fourteen (14) hours except that a Duty Period may be rescheduled up to sixteen (16) hours for a Duty Period only to accommodate a deadhead to a place of rest.  At her/his option, a Flight Attendant may exceed fourteen (14) hours by agreeing to work (not deadhead) a flight(s) on the last day of their scheduled or rescheduled trip. However, such flying may not exceed sixteen (16) hours and, the Flight Attendant will be paid two (2) times her/his hourly rate as measured from break release (E175/jet) & door closure (Q 400/turboprop) for any working leg(s) that includes any time over fourteen (14) hours to block in. This will be paid above guarantee and in addition to the credit value of the trip as calculated per the applicable driver