Preparation For Direct Bargaining With In-Flight Management

Preparation For Direct Bargaining With In-Flight Management

Date:    December 26, 2018

To:       Horizon Flight Attendants

From:   Ed Hawes, Tanya Phillips, Joelle Fuhrman

RE:       Preparation for direct bargaining with In-Flight Management

Your Negotiation Team met in Seattle, December 10th-13th, to conduct a comprehensive review of the Flight Attendant Negotiation Survey results and to draft our initial contract opener. This opener will be presented to the Master Executive Council (Heather Coleman, President LEC 16 and Master Executive Council Officer; Kirk Hansen, President LEC 17 and Master Executive Council Officer; Lisa Davis-Warren, Master Executive Council Vice-President; and Deb Harding-Elliott, Master Executive Council Secretary-Treasurer) for their approval. Next, the Negotiation Team will present the final opener to In-Flight Management during the first direct table negotiation session in Seattle, January 22nd – 24th.

This opener will highlight the areas of the collective bargaining agreement (our contract) that need to be improved as well as adding new language that protects our membership. It is an initial list of areas that need to be changed, improved, deleted and/or edited in our current contract based on the results of the Flight Attendant Survey as well as input from your Local Council Presidents. It will continue to develop as we move through the direct bargaining process.

We realize that you want to be informed and educated on the negotiation process; and the improvements that we are striving to obtain on your behalf.  We are developing a communication plan that will utilize several different means to keep you updated. After each “direct table” negotiation session, we will publish a “Negotiation Update” to our union website, and also a notice on the HZN AFA Facebook page. Additionally, for items of high importance, we may occasionally use email.  Please note that AFA email is only sent to a Flight Attendant’s personal email address. We do not send AFA correspondence to company email. We are also looking into video feeds and other methods of communication.

There will be much more to come on our negotiation’s communication plan as we work to ensure you are kept informed across several different media environments.  Additionally, your Local Officers are a great resource for updates and to get answers to any questions you may have, even ones that are not about negotiations. You may find their contact information on

Until next time, we thank you for reading this and we thank you for completing the survey so we are able to begin this most important process.

Tanya, Joelle and Ed