You may have seen the new "Issue Reporting" tool and button. On mobile it is the Orange button and on your computer the "Issue Reporting" button is found all over; top menu, top slider, the aforementioned Orange button and the Blue button at the top of all other pages. This is the new way to file ALL concerns - Grievance, General Inquiry, Disciplinary, Scheduling Concern, Reserve Concern, etc... and is completed through the use of the AFA Online Support Center. If you have any issue or concern, including a Grievance, click on any of the Issue Reporting buttons and you will be taken to the Support Center to fill out the form.


News and Events From Around The Union

CBA Language Clarification For Reserve FA’s

Notice of clarifying collective bargaining agreement (CBA) language for Reserve Flight Attendants; The MEC recently executed a Letter of Understanding (LOU) with inflight management that clarifies Short-Call Reserve Report time duties upon arrival at their domicile airport for a reserve trip. If you are a reserve flight attendant, please familiarize yourself with the LOU and […]


PAE Hotel

YOU DID IT! Your voice was heard!  Due to your diligence in filing reports in Crew Connex, your Hotel Committee was able to show the company that the Courtyard Lynnwood was the better fit of our needs to ensure our crew overnights left us well-rested and in a safe environment for our new flying into […]


Filing Grievances

The MEC (Master Executive Council) Officers want to take a moment to reiterate the importance and value of filing grievances/reports when you feel the collective bargaining agreement (contract) has been violated; and/or reporting issues when the company is not complying with their contractual obligations. Much like management’s requirement of irregularity reports for addressing issues, AFA also requires official submissions of complaints […]


Grievance Settlement – Reserve

MEC Reserve List Days of Availability Grievance Settlement 06-99-02-03-19 In January 2019, the MEC was made aware that the Reserve List was not accurately displaying reserve days of availability.  The MEC grieved on behalf of all flight attendants who sat reserve in January that this error in the Reserve List was a violation of Article […]


Negotiations Update – May

Horizon Negotiations Update May 2019 AFA and management met again in Seattle on May 7-9. AFA’s committee members are MEC President Ed Hawes; Flight Attendants Joelle Fuhrman and Tanya Phillips; and our professional negotiator and attorney, Kimberley Chaput. Management’s team consists of Michelle Abidoye, Managing Director, People and Labor Relations; DeeDee Caldwell, Director, Inflight; Taylor […]


Scheduling Committee – *Update*

June Bid 322 Scheduling Notes June will be our third full month of mixed-pairing flying.  With it, there were a total of 1,437 trips between all our bases.  Of those, 327 are Q400 flying and 252 are E175 flying. That’s about 59.7% mixed, 17.5% E175, and 22.8% Q400. Break down by base for the June […]



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