ACT Communication

Hello All,

We wanted to thank everyone that came out for our SEA/PDX ACT Negotiation’s Sit! There was a great turnout with some excellent questions and valid concerns which we are providing to your negotiations team members

For April, our negotiations team discussed Leaves of Absences, hotels and per diem rate. The good news: Flight Attendants will be able to take a leave up to a year after they or their partner gives birth, adopts or fosters a child.  While per diem rates were discussed, any remaining discussion on per diem will now be undertaken closer to the end of negotiations when pay rates are discussed.  It is a normal part of negotiations to look at all pay issues together and towards the end of the negotiations process.

The big contention right now is improving our hotel language in Article 4 so that flight attendants have a greater voice in the selection and retention of crew hotels.  We stand strong on a per diem pay raise as well as having the ability to have a safe and quality hotel, one in which our AFA would give the parameters and help choose our hotels for our workgroup.

The next SEA ACT crew sit is on May 15th-16th with Jennifer Levcun

The next PDX ACT crew sit is May 13th with Sirkka Haagen

Please continue to read your union updates, which you can find in your personal email, on the HZN FB page or on our website. Stay connected and let’s show unity in our commitment for a better contract and work environment.

Thanks again!

In unity,

Your ACT Negotiations team

Jennifer Levcun- SEA

Sirkka Haagen-PDX