ACT UPDATE – June 2019

Hello All,

We wanted to thank everyone that attended the ACT crew room sits in June.

During our crew room sits we heard concerns from you regarding inflight managements proposed changes to Article 7; Reserve, the need to implement an attendance policy in our contract and the ability to cash out a portion of our sick time that has accrued upon retirement. We also discussed concerns and addressed questions regarding general negotiations topics.

Several of you were kind enough to hand write your stance on the topics that were being discussed during negotiations to take back to the table and show management that their proposals are not adequate.  

We also created a data sheet for you to sign whether you were opposed or for mixed lines.  One hundred percent of the people that filled out the data sheet were opposed, including some pilots. We had a few more members sign up for AFA committees.  Thank you for your continued support and desire to help make positive changes!

The next SEA ACT sits are July 19th and 29th

The PDX SIT is July 23rd

The Negotiations Team will also be catering informational negotiation events away from the airports August 20th in Seattle and August 21st in PDX.  More information to come.

Another exciting event is our first negotiations ACTivist training that takes place July 8, 2019.  Your ACTivists are the first group of fellow members who will have an opportunity to engage in training regarding negotiations. They are an additional resource for us and will be available to assist with face-to-face interactions, answer questions and discuss the negotiation process in general. Things are heating up! We are thankful for your support and teamwork.

Thank You.

In Unity,

Jennifer Levcun SEA ACT Chair

Sirkka Haagen PDX ACT Chair