ACTION ALERT: Call Congress to Extend the CARES Act Payroll Support Program

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ACTION ALERT: Call Congress to Extend the CARES Act Payroll Support Program

There is a need for us to generate increased phone calls to Congress. Flight Attendants, and their family members and friends, should be making two calls to the Senate line and one call to the House line, each day.

We are making these calls to request a six-month extension to the Payroll Support Program. This extension will carry us through March 31, 2020 and continue to protect our jobs. This has been the most successful jobs program within the CARES Act, and it needs to be extended given COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise.

All aviation labor groups are standing together to make these calls on Congress to pass a clean extension of the Payroll Support Program before the summer Congressional recess. Waiting until September for this action will be too late given the October planning will be done and hundreds of thousands of workers will already be told they are out of work. Already, Delta Air Lines pilots and United Airlines workers have received WARN notices. 

We need urgent action on this now:

  1. Call your Representative and Senators: Flight Attendants, family members and friends should make three calls, every day. Two to the Senate line, and one to the House line.

House:  (888) 907-9365
Senate: (888) 848-4824

Sample Script:

Hello, I am a constituent calling to ask [Representative]/[Senator] to help save my job as an essential worker. Take legislative action in July to extend the CARES Act Payroll Support Program for aviation workers in order to avoid massive job loss in October. Keep us connected to our jobs, our paychecks, and our healthcare. Thank you for your urgent attention to this.

2. Sign this letter to your Representative and Senators

3. Tell 5 flying partners and have your family and friends do the same!

A CARES Act extension must pass Congress before they recess later this summer. Take action now and plan to keep taking action every day throughout July.

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