ACTivist Introductions


Our AFA Negotiation Committee members and ACT Chairs would like to introduce the newest volunteer members of our negotiation team, ACTivists. These newest fellow members will be available to assist with answering questions and providing the latest information from the negotiation sessions. We believe in order to maintain a unified front, it’s important to have one on one conversations with our members as negotiations progress.


-Kim Thayer

-Joey Ashton

-Kari Terrana 


-Louise Evans 

-Lisa Devlin

-Molly McCloskey

-Jeanette Steinhauer


-Steve Gilman


– Pam Powell

-Lisa Morris 

The ACTivists responsibilities will include:

  • Educating all members concerning the topics that are being discussed at the negotiation table concerning our work environment with one-on-one discussions with each other.
  • Assisting with facilitating informational crew sits and educational social functions, by being a direct source.
  • Promoting economic and environmental change for our work group.
  • Assisting with the growth of our committee members and creating a unified and powerful union.

The initial training for this first committee group is July 8, 2019 in SEA. We are excited to welcome this first group of ACTivists and look forward to getting them trained and back out on the line with you. If you are interested in participating in the next training, please reach out to Jennifer Levcun at or Sirkka Haagen at

In Unity,

 Your HZN AFA Negotiation Committee and ACT Chairs,

Ed Hawes, Tanya Phillips, Joelle Jaeger, Kimberley Chaput, Jennifer Levcun and Sirkka Haagen