AFA AIMS/eCrew Update

AFA AIMS/eCrew Update

June 27, 2020 AIMS/eCrew Rep


Thank you for your patience and understanding, of yet another eCrew outage. Yesterday, at 1410 a “500 server error” occurred while attempting to login to open time. I am happy to report that as of 10:00, open time was back up and reported to be fixed.  This error is related to split giveaways (purple) and will be produced any time an FA posts a giveaway in eCrew, and then later, that exact same portion of their trip pre-cancels.  The “unfinalized” status of the requested split trip causes the 500 error.  

The company has devised an immediate temporary fix of removing the cancelled flying from split trips and then updating the trip accordingly. If you believe you are one of the Flight Attendants affected by pre-cancels in split trips (Purple) you will notice in your crew statement that you will be pay guaranteed for the original value of your trip.

The Company has requested an update from the Aims Support for a permanent fix of an automated process.

Thank you for your immediate reports of this outage. We were able to document the outage to the company very quickly so the Aims support team could discover root cause and initiate a fix. As always please report these issues on the website in the AIMS/eCrew area of the “Issues” reporting tab.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

In Solidarity,

Jamie Moore