AFA MEC Update – Wildfires

AFA MEC Update

Sept.14, 2020 Master executive council

Wildfire Update

Your AFA leaders have been notified by management that due to the hazardous air quality from the wildfires, all operations in our Oregon stations, including PDX, as well as GEG will be suspended for the next 24 hours. Management made this decision after consulting with UW medical experts. They will continue speaking with them to develop guidance and safety precautions for working in the conditions that much of our route structure is currently impacted by and also determining if more cities need to be included in the suspension.

We have been told our affected crew members will be notified as soon as possible and placed in a hotel for the night. The goal being to limit outdoor exposure. If needed, please reach out to station leadership for N95 masks. Due to the disposable nature, AFA has inquired about the length of time each mask is valid to safely wear. Management has committed to getting us that information. If needed, please ask for more than one mask, we have been assured there is a sufficient supply.

Management has also committed to creating a plan, in partnership with union leaders, that will streamline this process and allow for more swift action when we face air quality and fire safety emergencies in the future.

Please stay safe and as always, your local union officers are your point of contact for any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

Horizon Air MEC