AFA Safety Committee Update

AFA Safety Committee Update

June 14, 2020 MEC Air safety health and security committee

Hello Fellow Flight Attendant’s, 

On June 10th, a male Horizon Air pilot was assaulted and injured while traveling on King County transit. 

While we do not know why the attack occurred, it is possible that the assailant was reacting to the uniform and the perceived authority that it may represent. 

While protests continue, please be aware that demonstrators or violent extremists may target any person in uniform as an act against perceived or actual authority. 

We encourage flight attendants to avoid areas of protest while on overnights.  Protests may also cause delays with hotel shuttles, food delivery and may reduce meal opportunities.  Please stay aware of your surroundings at all times and be vigilant with safety being the first priority. 

Following are some guidelines during your time on the job, including overnights: 

  • Plan ahead and leave detailed schedule with family members, including company and hotel emergency phone numbers. 
  • Crews should exchange contact numbers and an evacuation plan. 
  • Ask hotel staff for any current updates in their area. 
  • Get local updates before your shift and communicate any concerns with management and AFA Representatives. (Document your concerns) 
  • Limit travel outside of the hotel and avoid all protests and know curfew information. 
  • Always be cognizant of your surroundings and presence in public. (Especially in uniform). 
  • Always put your safety as the first and most paramount priority.  

QX AFA contact information may be found on  

Fly Safe!