AFA Safety Committee Update

AFA Safety Committee Update

June 27, 2020 MEC Air safety health and security committee

Safety Committee

All passengers onboard our aircraft must wear a mask (unless they have a medical exemption or are 11 years and under).

It is now AAG mandated that passengers/crew wear their mask at all times, unless eating or drinking.

If there is a passenger that is non-compliant and you are still at the gate, please ask for a CRO and/or a supervisor to assist in handling the situation.

We will be getting another tool to use when in flight soon.

Please write your irregularity reports regarding any COVID-19 issues via our Report It app on the IMD.

These reports are being collected for data and are extremely helpful when AFA Leadership is fighting for Health and Safety protections for all Flight Attendants.

If there aren’t reports to reference, management’s stance is that everything is great!

Flights are filling up; service requirements are being extended (at AAG’s discretion) and your assistance is greatly appreciated when gathering facts and concerns. Please use your voice.

We appreciate your support with reporting!

In Solidarity,
Your AFA Air Safety, Health and Security Committee