AFA Scheduling Notes

AFA Scheduling Notes

June 27, 2020 by the Master Executive Council

August Bid 336

The build for August had a few twists. First off AFA just learned that the PAE satellite base for the pilots will be terminated. What this means for FAs when we go back to mixed pairings is as of yet unclear. There will be two cities flown to out of PAE in August LAS and PHX the trips are mostly SEA trips with a few out of PDX with PAE overnights.

IBT does not have a min guarantee on the E175 and the two-day trips have been very low credit the last few bids making it very difficult for the pilots to build suitable lines to their min. The two-day trips were adjusted to bring up credit value for August, this having an effect on some three-day trips having 30+ hour overnights. However, there are only about 35 of these as a result. 

Overall, we are actually flying a little more credit than we did last year so that’s good. But, per Rachael’s email the company does not know how much we will be flying this fall so stay tuned.

Cost is still the overall driver for solutions accepted so we are trying to add as much quality of life that we can with as little effect on cost as possible.

E175: Flying will only be out of PDX and SEA, we will be having PAE overnights in August.  PDX will have 11% of the flying but more flying than in July. You will notice that all the mid-con flights are out of SEA this bid and none out of PDX. This is how AS marketing has routed our flying for Aug. 

Q400: flying will be in all bases.

Parameters for the Pairing Solution


PDX has 11% of the flying for the month resulting in 123 trips, up 30 from July.

The only parameters that are in the pairing solution for the E175 are: We were able to get the rest parameter back this bid meaning that rest will be longer than the previous and following duty days. There are 5 working legs with an optional 6th as a DH. There is an 10:30-hour minimum rest in this month. August has 4:59 max sits set to anywhere we fly. There are longer than 4 hours sits in LAX, SJC, SAN and a few other cities, please keep in mind with the new contract you can get a day room for any scheduled sit of more than 4 hours.


There is the parameter that the rest cannot be shorter than the duty days either before or after said rest. There can be a maximum of 5 working legs with an optional 6 as a DH. 10:55-hour minimum rest. The month of August has 2:59 maximum sits everywhere except SEA which is still at 4:59. 

August:  There are a total of 765 trips on the E175 and 609 on the Q400, 1374 between both aircraft. 

Break down by base E175: 

  • PDX has 123 total trips
  • SEA has 642 total trips

Total of trips/day: 


Credit per base: 


Credit Time/Duty: 

PDX:    4:54 
SEA:    5:02 

Break down by base Q400: 

  • BOI has 134 total trips
  • GEG has 110 total trips
  • MFR has 68 total trips
  • PDX has 218 total trips
  • SEA has 79 total trips

Total of trips/day: 


Credit per base: 


Credit Time/Duty: 

BOI:     5:00 
GEG:    4:44 
MFR:   5:00 
PDX:    4:44 
SEA:    4:57 

We will continue to advocate for improvements for our members each month during pairing development process. Our schedule makes a huge difference in determining our work-life balance as well as our overall pay. Again, if you have any comments or suggestions, please advise your base scheduling reps. We are in need of a new scheduling rep for the GEG and MFR bases. If you are interested, please submit a letter of interest to Joelle Jaeger at or for MFR.

In solidarity,

Peter Oxentenko 
MEC Crew Scheduling Liaison
Council 17 Scheduling Chair (PDX/MFR)

Jolene Vallelunga-Heller and Sherry Busch
Council 17 Scheduling Reps (PDX)

Kenneth Cantu and Nicole Lajuett
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (SEA)

Heather Coleman
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (PAE)

Miria Davis
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (BOI)