AFA Update

AFA Update

Implementation Update

Our new contract brought many changes. Some have already gone into effect; others start next month or even next year. We wanted to take a moment to explain some of the changes to you. A few items went into effect immediately on the contract’s effective date, May 1, 2020.  You may have noticed these changes already:

  • Deadhead drop with no loss of pay
  • Day rooms for sits over four hours, in or out of domicile
  • Per diem at $2.10 per hour
  • Vending machines and crew meals eliminated (can still consume snacks and leftover fresh meals)
  • Golden days: 8 per year, can use in 2, 3 or 4 day blocks; can be used any time except for day of, day before and day after paid holidays
  • Rescheduling must be within footprint of original trip
  • AV days covered by the contract
  • Trips in pink or purple can be assigned to reserves at management discretion (no earlier than 2 PM the day before and no later than 3 hours prior to departure)
  • Two-hour reserve call out in all domiciles
  • Attendance policy incorporated into contract; can no longer be unilaterally changed
  • Can use uniform allowance for shoes, up to $50
  • Parental leave
  • Elimination of grievance worksheet
  • Commuter policy changes, particularly registered commuter status
  • Vacation 2nd round of bidding and elimination of the restriction to bidding vacation in one, two or three vacation blocks.

We’ve already encountered some questions about a few of these items. Here are the main questions (and answers):

Q.      What does it mean to reschedule my trip within the footprint of the original trip? I thought crew scheduling always did that?

A.        Until May 1, your trip had to be rescheduled on the same days as the original trip. Changing this language to “footprint” means that your new trip can start no earlier than your original report time and end no later than two hours after your original release time, No more conflicts with your personal life!

            Management does not agree with our position that this language should also be applied to trips assigned on AV days. We have filed a grievance over this disagreement.

Q.      I posted my trip for giveaway. I know at least one reserve was legal for the trip, but crew scheduling did not assign it to him. What gives?

A.        Crew scheduling may, but is not required to, remove trips from the trade board to assign to reserves. This has only happened when crew scheduling was sure there were more than enough reserves to cover trips in Open Time and all expected sick calls. It’s very possible that crew scheduling expected more sick calls than were actually received and was holding reserves for that purpose. They are never required to assign lineholder trips to reserves. It’s nice when it happens, but you should not count on it.

Q.      I am based in PDX.  I have a home in PDX and a winter home in TUS. I was told that I can no longer commute to work from TUS. Is this correct?

A.        Your address on file with the Company in PeopleSoft must be in the metropolitan area of your registered commuter city. If your official address is in PDX, then you cannot use the commuter policy to commute from TUS. You could change your official address to your vacation home but doing so has tax and other legal implications.

Q.      Now that dropped deadheads are paid, do I have to do anything different to make sure I get paid?

A.        No. The rules for dropping a deadhead are the same as previously. You just get paid! Be sure to review your crew pay report. Contact Crew Pay if you find an error.

Q.      Why does it matter that the attendance policy is in the contract? As far as I can tell, it’s exactly like the old policy.

A.        It is the old policy, with a few clarifications and changes. The significance of incorporating it into the contract is that management cannot change it unilaterally. Over the past several years, management has made the attendance policy increasingly restrictive and punitive. While we did not improve it, we made sure that any future changes can be made only with AFA’s agreement.

Look for our next update in early September. More items come into effect then. In the meantime, contact your local officers if you have any questions or concerns.