AFA Update

April 1, 2020, by Lisa Davis-Warren (MEC President)

Extension of COVID-19 Leaves through 4/30/2020

Master Executive Council (MEC)

The MEC has agreed to extend the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the COVID-19 Leave of Absences (LOAs) through April 30, 2020. Please visit our website, to view this MOU and other Sideletters.

AV Days Replacing Trips

AV days are outside of our contract and our contract language does not discuss AV Days. The intent of AV days is to pay guarantee flight attendants when a trip is cancelled. Under our current contract, when we had the pilot shortage and the trip cancellations because of it, management was going to replace cancelled trips with reserve days as the vast majority of flight attendants did not want to lose pay because of this situation (see contract language below). They were going to use the Rescheduling language in the contract that commences on Page 55. One of the options in the Rescheduling language is that they can assign Reserve to your days instead of rescheduling you to a new trip. Based on feedback from AFA and flight attendants, management chose to use AV day language from a previous contract to pay protect flight attendants for these trip cancellations. This was also done during the delay in Paine/Everett flying. Therefore, if you are not assigned a trip on an AV day, you are pay guaranteed for your original trip and the day is off with original trip pay. If you are assigned a trip in place of AV, you will be paid the greater of your original trip or the new trip.  AV is different than Reserve in that you are not required to be contactable during your AV period. So, to summarize, having AV in place of trip cancellations is the equivalent to receiving Line Guarantee Pay.

F. Rescheduling

1. After she/he has checked in for her/his trip, a Flight Attendant holding a Scheduled line or a Mixed Line, or any Flight Attendant (including a Reserve) who has picked up, traded into, volunteered for or been drafted to a trip, may be assigned to a rescheduled trip or to reserve duty, or may be released from duty. A Flight Attendant may also be rescheduled prior to check-in or when the entire trip is cancelled. This Section F does not apply to a Reserve or Mixed Flight Attendant flying on a scheduled Reserve day(s).

G. Trip Cancellations Prior to Check-in

If a trip is cancelled within twenty-four (24) hours of check-in time, and the Flight Attendant is not rescheduled pursuant to Paragraph F.1, above, she/he shall receive a minimum of four (4) credit hours for that Trip, even though no portion of the Trip is flown, and the days of the trip will become Days Off. If a Trip is cancelled twenty-four (24) or more hours before check-in time, and the Flight Attendants is not rescheduled pursuant to Paragraph F.1, above, at the time the trip is cancelled, the originally scheduled work days will become days off and the Flight Attendant will receive no credit for the Trip.

Contacting AFA Representatives for Support

As always, AFA representatives remain available to provide assistance during the current situation.  In order to provide you with the best possible support, we ask that you continue to reach out using the following methods of contact:

AFA Online Support Center.  Contractual concerns, scheduling or reserve problems, and payroll issues can all be reported using the AFA Online Support Center or by Filing a Grievance.  Your email will be directed to the appropriate Officer and/or Committee.   

E-Mail.  Your Local Committee Members, Chairpersons, and LEC Officers can all be contacted by email.  Please refer to you’re the Local Officer’s Roster listed below for contact information for each of your committees.  

Local Executive Council 16 (LEC16) Assisting members in GEG, SEA/PAE and BOI

LEC 16 PresidentJoelle 370-0619
LEC 16 VPJennifer 731-6794
LEC 16 SecretaryHeather 251-6624
LEC 16 Benefits RepRobbie 951-7622
LEC 16 Benefits RepJennifer 332-8754

Local Executive Council 16 (LEC16) Assisting members in GEG, SEA/PAE and BOI

LEC 17 PresidentKirk 602-9362
LEC 17 VPJamie 790-0039
LEC 17 SecretaryTanya 713-2536

When making contact by email, please use your personal email address and not your company-provided Outlook email account.  Company-provided email accounts are subject to monitoring by management and there is no expectation or guarantee of privacy.

Voicemail messages and emails will be returned as soon as possible and within 24 hours.

In order to ensure that your request, question, or concern is properly documented and receives the appropriate follow-up, please limit contact to one of the methods outlined above when reaching out to AFA representatives.  Text messages, messages sent to personal social media accounts, and other methods of contact may not necessarily be regularly monitored for AFA-related communications and could cause a significant delay in response.

Supplemental Benefits Update (Union Sponsored)

I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times.

I wanted to update you on some special policies we’ve put in place for members who are enrolled in the supplemental benefit plans, and who participate in a Leave of Absence program offered by the company.  The following special provisions apply to Horizon AFA members who take an upcoming leave of absence.  

  • For members who take a leave of absence, their supplemental benefits coverage with CAIC (Continental American Insurance Company) will be continued for up to 6 months.  This includes Accident, Short-Term Disability, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness and Life Insurance. 
  • Premiums are not due during this time, and do not need to be repaid when they return to work.
  • Claims will be honored during this time.
  • No action is required on the part of members to maintain their CAIC coverage.

In the event members are furloughed, these same provisions would apply. 

The attached document addresses the above items and some additional policy provisions.  Please encourage members to contact NGP if they have any questions regarding their coverage – we can be reached by phone at 800-344-9016, or by email at  You can always contact me directly.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Paul Raymond, Co-Chief Executive Officer National Group Protection, Inc.

Grievance Committee Update

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Team has compiled a list of items that may assist with keeping everyone out of disciplinary action.

Helpful Reminders:

  1. Never appear to be sleeping in your jump seat or anywhere on the aircraft when passengers are present.
  2. Keep all liquor, beer, wine and food on the aircraft. Management will consider it theft if these items are removed from the plane. 
  3. Remember, once you are off probation, we only get 10 days a year of attendance occurrences.  These include; Sick, late, UTC’s, No-Shows (NS). Remember to call Matrix, get on FMLA, follow through with procedure to protect your job.
  4. Respect each other’s differences.  Kindness goes a long way.
  5. Reserves must be at their base for their reserve time.  Management does audit our flight benefits, and if you are scheduled to be on reserve, that means that you are physically at your base, not on a plane, going to your base. 
  6. Practice safety at all times. Remember, if you are on taxi, take-off or landing, you may not be on your phone texting. QX has ghost riders, and you are being watched.
  7. Be in uniform.

These are the top disciplinary issues that your Grievance Team has noticed to be on the rise.  We are here to assist, please know your contract and advocate for yourself.  Know your rights and follow the company policies and procedures.

Fly Safe!!

Marcella Oswald –
Kirk Hansen –
Jennifer Levcun –
Jamie Moore –

TA Update – Eligibility to Vote – Check Your Dues Status

Negotiation Committee and Membership

In order to ensure you receive a ballot and are eligible to vote, your AFA dues must be current and up to date.  Section 26 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement outlines the requirement for each of us to pay dues as a condition of employment.  If you receive a notice that dues are past due, it is important to remedy the past due amount, or you will not be eligible to vote.  Additionally, failure to remedy a past due amount may result in termination of employment.

Reserve Tips for Success

Reserve Committee

Know YOUR Contract!    

You may find an electronic copy online at and also on your IMD. The Reserve Article is Article 7 in the Contract.

You are contactable at the start of your reserve time listed in E-crew.  Please be mindful that reserve times can change from bid to bid; so always review your reserve contact times. You are required to be at base and contactable at the start of your reserve time; EVEN IF, you self-acknowledge a trip on your line.

Whatever device you are using to be contactable to Crew Scheduling… double check that it is working.  Ask yourself:   Do I have service? Is it off Silent mode? Does Crew Scheduling have the right phone number? Make sure you are doing everything in your power to be available. 

If you happen to miss a call from Crew Scheduling:  You have exactly 10 minutes to call back before you receive a UTC. (Unable to Contact). This is a time-stamped and recorded phone call, so be mindful of your time and call back as soon as possible. 

When in transit to the airport with a minimum call out time, you are NOT required to be contactable during your commute, especially while driving.

* Base call out times: BOI, GEG, MFR 90 Minutes.   SEA/PAE and PDX is 2 hours.

Block to Block is Not a primary source for flight information and show times.  Always check E-crew for updated information, or when in doubt, call Crew Scheduling.

If you are NOT notified of additional flying before door closure on the last leg of a multi-day trip, then you will be released once you land at your base. All Flight Attendants are contactable for 15 minutes after their duty period. 5 minutes when on a DH.  30 minutes if you’re clearing Customs.  In this time frame, Crew Scheduling can ONLY notify you of changes for your next duty period.

These are just a few quick tips about being on reserve.  We know many questions will arise so please let us help you. 

Contact us at: OR on our Reserve Facebook page QX Reserves.

We need Volunteers!  Are you interested in helping others navigate through this stressful time on reserve? Please send us an email. 

In Solidarity-Your Reserve Committee,

LEC 16: BOI/GEG/SEA-PAE                                              

Melody Ybarra:
Nikolas Hoback:


Diana Wanner   
Jamie Moore