AFA Update Regarding Pilot Paid Company Leave

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AFA Update


We wanted to write to you this evening with the hope it is in advance of your hearing about the upcoming leave option available to the pilots for the month of June. We were just advised the Company will be offering a paid leave option that may include up to 50 credit hours, on a seniority basis by base, to approximately 200 pilots. I reached out to our CEO, Joe Spraque, this evening and was advised that they needed more pilots to take leaves than have been doing so up until this point and needed to continue to cut costs. He also advised us that the pilot work group is a very high cost to the company and that ALPA and other airlines are offering the same type of leave to their pilots.

We immediately reached out to our Staff Attorney and our AFA International President and have requested a conference call tomorrow to discuss this development. Additionally, we reached out to our counterparts at AFA Alaska, but given the late hour, I do not expect to hear back until tomorrow. 

The MEC is very displeased and disappointed that we, as Horizon Air Flight Attendants, were not included in this offer. We will be working to understand this decision and why it wasn’t communicated to us in complete transparency in advance. 

Please know that we will communicate with you regularly and candidly on this development, but it may take us a few days.


AFA Horizon Air MEC
Lisa Davis-Warren, Kirk Hansen, Joelle Jaeger, Todd Anderson and Aimee Baird