AFA Update – Vanguard Retirement Webinars

Vanguard Retirement Webinars

As the company will be offering early out packages, AFA, in conjunction with Vanguard, the company’s 401(k) plan administrator, will be conducting an online webinar to provide information and answer questions about the planning process for retirement.  More information from Vanguard is below.

Switching from earning a paycheck to living off your retirement savings and Social Security is a big change. If you’re within a few years of retiring, learn how you can turn your savings into a steady paycheck. This webinar will help you answer:

  • How much will my retirement cost?
  • Where will I find the money to pay for retirement?
  • How do I make my savings last as long as my retirement?
  • How do I invest my money during retirement?

Dates, Times, and Registration Information

Two sessions will be available:

  • Friday, July 24th @ 0900 PST
  • Tuesday, July 28th @ 1500 PST

Advanced registration is required and can be completed using the link below:

Click here to register for one of the sessions

A Few Reminders from Vanguard

  • Please use the most recent version of compatible browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox Modzilla. Do not use Internet Explorer (IE) for registering or attending these webinars.  
  • Please use your personal email address to ensure you receive the confirmation & reminder emails. 
  • The following ON24 Event Help Guide link below can trouble shoot any other issues or questions you might have about the technology ( )
  • Audio for the webinar is only available over the computer; Phone audio is not necessary and is not available.

*All participants are invited, however, please keep in mind this meeting is geared for early out eligible retirement individuals. Other specific retirement questions can be found at or by calling



If you have any questions about the upcoming webinars, please contact the Retirement Committee Rep, Joann Goebel, at  or call at 360-703-2161.