AIMS/Ecrew Update

Greetings fellow Flight Attendants,

I wanted to take a moment and touch base about recent updates to Aims/E-crew.  First, you probably have heard or seen reference to Aims and or E-crew and may have always wondered why those words are used interchangeably. Aims is a company based out of Athens, Greece which Horizon Air has purchased many software programs from.  Horizon Air uses many programs that are from the Aims company and “we” as flight crew use E-crew.   I know there have been many frustrations over the functionality of E-crew. This includes myself which is why I am now part of the solution. Please know that there is now a dedicated team working behind the scenes to make sure that E-crew is working efficiently in all aspects.  I have much respect for this team as they have resolved many issues that have been lingering and benefitted us overall. For instance, the team recognized that it was not efficient to only be able to use Internet Explorer in the crew room to operate certain functions of the E-crew program.  This included the company issued device which was not compatible with the software. Rest assured, this is now updated, and you can perform all functions in any browser including on your IMD!  (Excluding the Aims App)

Also, if you remember the recent “split trips” glitch that occurred, this team took a large role in an immediate correction. The Aims team, your union representatives and management came together quickly to develop a work around system while the “fix” was being created in Greece. This has been resolved and, in my opinion, the fix was expedited quicker than any problem E-crew has ever had.

Last summer, the Aims team and I traveled to Athens, Greece to meet with the software developers regarding vacation bidding via E-crew.  In the past, the process was to bid on E-crew and once vacation bids closed, your preferences were printed to paper. Painstakingly processed by hand then made electronic for the results to be released. This was very laborious and opened us up to the possibility of human error. This year it is all electronic! 

While in Greece, I was very surprised to learn that the Aims company represents over 100 Airlines around the World. Each company has their own work rules for each individual work group within that Airline.  Aims allows Horizon Air to choose the individual features to fulfill contract necessity and to cover the operation.

If you are noticing something that is not working correctly please send me an email at Please include a screen shot and tell me exactly what you are trying to do so I can report it quickly and effectively.

In Solidarity,

Jamie Moore
LEC 17 Help Desk Representative