April Survey Results

Your AFA ACT Chairs and Negotiating Committee put out a Flight Attendant survey in April to gauge what type of communication and media is most important to the Flight Attendants now that negotiations are well underway. The questions included which platform you preferred to receive the monthly negotiation updates, if you found the updates from the previous negotiation sessions helpful and if one-on-one informational events would help achieve a better understanding of the current state of negotiations. 

Your participation through the survey provided valuable information to the Negotiation Committee and ACT Chairs. Receiving your feedback allowed us to adjust, moving forward, how you will receive information that will ultimately affect our work/life balance. 

Based on your responses, we found that 46.75% of members taking the survey feel personal email is the preferred method of receiving the updates from the direct bargaining sessions. The other half of the members who answered the question felt all three platforms were helpful (our website, afahorizon.org, personal email and the HZN FB page).

We are aware that even though we have up to three or four crew sits each month, it is difficult for all members to have an opportunity to hear from us personally about recent happenings. We asked what other method would be beneficial for receiving the updates and most of those who answered stated a short YouTube video or webcast would be best.

From the updates provided on the three platforms, the afahorizon.org website, personal email and the HZN FB page, 91% of the 147 members that answered the question felt they were helpful and easily understood. 

Out of the 151 members who answered whether they would attend a private, informational event, 88% said they would attend. That is fantastic and the ACT Chairs, Jennifer Levcun and Sirkka Haagen, will be planning to host at least one for August and one for September. This is an opportunity for our members to have one on one discussions with the negotiation ACT Chairs.

67% of the 155 who answered, stated they felt somewhat informed of the negotiation process, 24% answered they did not feel informed at all. As we move forward in negotiations, we will be using the survey results and all media channels available to us to ensure that the information from the latest negotiation session is delivered to all Flight Attendants via multiple media channels.  As we improve our media outlets and communications even more members will be engaged and informed on the monthly negotiation status. 

Another survey question referred to wearing your AFA pin which shows support for the Negotiation Committee while at the bargaining table with management. The main reason for us to wear our AFA pin on our uniform is to show management that we support a positive change in our contract. We desire improvement to our work rules, hotel standards, pay, schedules, etc. An improvement to all the items you told us you wanted improved in our survey before negotiations started. Wearing the AFA pin is literally the easiest way to show management we are behind our three fellow Flight Attendants at the table. Management must see that we are unified and that we feel strongly about incorporating positive changes into our contract.

Finally, one of the last questions asked was for a one-word response asking what our members thought would bring positive change to our work/life balance at QX. 137 members answered and from those responses, we were able to create a word cloud (from our ever-popular Flight Path sessions). The ACT Chairs, ACTivists and Negotiation Committee are creating a bag tag with the word cloud and slogan for our members to display on their crew bags as negotiation sessions progress.