ASHS May Report

ASHS Report Out from April DAG Meeting

First, we would like to start by giving you a little background on our committee. The Air, Safety, Health and Security (ASHS) Committee consists of the AFA MEC Chair, Bryan Grosvold – SEA; Council 16 Reps are Pamela Powell – BOI and Jennifer Levcun – SEA; and Council 17 Rep Lori Kordosky – PDX. This committee oversees the monitoring and coordination with management of any inflight safety matters that our workgroup may encounter. One of the monthly meetings that we attend is the Divisional Analysis Group (DAG) meeting. This meeting includes various members of Inflight Management, data analysts, our AAG Cabin Safety Manager, Cari Smith-Allen and the FAA Cabin Safety Inspector, Donna Forte as well as myself as our ASHS MEC Chair.

Jenn has been our Fatigue Review Board Rep since 2015. She reviews all fatigue reports and is currently working with management to start the Fatigue Risk Management Plan (FRMP) that was recently adopted in to law as laid out in the new FAA Reauthorization Bill.

Pam joined the committee in 2018 and recently completed her initial training. She is looking forward to learning more and starting to work on Council 16 safety projects.

Lori has been on the committee since 2016 and is currently working with AFA International and Alaska AFA on Air Quality issues.

Second, here are some things we would like to inform everyone of that came out of this month’s DAG meeting.

  1. Three injuries in the month of March due to turbulence and the service carts on the E175. Just a reminder to use the “Out of Service” tags that are in the First Class Service kit. Also, take a picture on your IMD of the tag once attached to the cart showing the serial number (that is on the side of the cart) and use Report It for tracking.
  2. Regional Compliance Managers (RCM) continue to notice flight attendants on their IMDs and/or personal phone during taxi in/out. Please be sure that your use of your IMD/personal phones is in accordance with our manual.

Your reporting does make a difference, we have recently seen improvements and service modifications as a direct result of your input. We would ask that you continue to take the time to use Report It and ASAP for all safety related issues. These issues may include injuries, and FAR violations as well as any safety and/or fatigue concerns with mixed pairings, e.g. preflight issues, PA’s, etc.

We will continue to update you with various issues that we see out on the line, that are brought to our attention in the DAG meetings, and that you bring to us and will be posting these updates to the ASHS page of .

We are Stronger Together, Better Together

Your ASHS Committee members,

Bryan, Lori, Jennifer and Pam