Attendance Meetings Grievance

Attendance Meetings Grievance

Since the change to the attendance policy, it has become the new normal for supervisors to adjust a trip to schedule a meeting to speak with a flight attendant regarding attendance issues. If you notice a change to your schedule with a note showing there is a meeting requested on your trip key, please remember there is language in our CBA, Article 23. Pg. 148 “All meeting times must be agreed to by all parties to the meeting.” What that means for you, if you are requested to meet with management at any time and a meeting could lead to discipline, you are entitled to AFA representation. If this occurs to you, you should email your supervisor and advise them that you are arranging for AFA representation to be present and included on the meeting. It is your responsibility to contact a grievance rep.

Here are our current grievance representatives and the email address they can be reached at:

Kirk Hansen;              

Marcella Oswald;           

Jennifer Levcun;