AS/QX Labor Coalition

On Monday, December 16th, 2019, the Labor Coalition, composed of elected leaders of each unionized employee group at Alaska Airlines as well as AFA and IBT at Horizon Air, met at the ALPA MEC office. Each workgroup provided an update on their current challenges with the Company. The Coalition also discussed common concerns surrounding issues […]

Mixed Pairings – Update

Dear Horizon AFA Flight Attendants, AFA is very concerned with the mixed pairings that are scheduled to take place commencing with the April bid.  When we first heard the idea from inflight management about ten months ago, we expressed numerous concerns that we had. These included safety, operational, quality of life, credit values and the ability to preference individual aircraft. We also cited contractual language that we believe the potential mixed […]

Communication – Mixed Pairings

Mixed Pairings-APR19 Bid The AFA Master Executive Council was recently informed by Inflight management that they are planning to build trips (pairings), starting with the APR19 bid, that will contain both E-175 and Q 400 flying.  There may be delays with the timeline, but the current plan is to start using mixed pairings in April […]

Medford Crew Room

Hi all, I want to follow up with you on the email I sent a few weeks ago regarding the Port taking some of our crew room space. Great news. The Port has found another location and will not be taking our space, so we are good for now. We are also moving forward with […]

FALL LEC 17 Union Meeting

Contract Negotiators Attending – Bring your questions!   MFR & PDX FAs – MARK YOUR CALENDARS! FALL LEC 17 Union Meeting All Horizon Air Flight Attendants Invited: Wednesday, October 10, 10-1 p.m. Sandy Room – PDX Airport Outside security, upstairs by clock tower Agenda will include: Committee updates & current events Contact an LEC 17 […]