October/November ACT Crew Room Sits

Hello Fellow Flight Attendants, Negotiations with management have begun today, December 4, 2019 and are scheduled to continue through the 10th in Olympia, WA. We conducted negotiation crew sits in October as well as November. We have combined the two communications from each sit for our fellow members to compare.  Your SEA AFA ACT Chair, […]

Negotiation Update

Before we get into our usual update, the Negotiating Committee and the MEC want to THANK YOU for your tremendous support at our solidarity events in PDX and SEA.  We received great media coverage, and management took note. They know that AFA and the public are behind us – and most importantly, so are you! Management did […]

Wendy Kaihara

Dear Horizon Air Flight Attendants: The Horizon Air Master Executive Council, as well as all of the Local Council 16 and 17 Officers, Chairs and volunteers, would like to thank Wendy Kaihara for her unwavering service to the Union and most recently the Leave and Benefits Committee. Over the course of many years, Wendy has […]


November 1, 2019 UPDATE: CREW BAG TAGS On October 2, 2019 your AFA Negotiations Committee received the following email notice from Rachael Mattioli, Managing Director of Inflight: Hi Negotiation Committee, Communication will be going out shortly if it hasn’t already, but we now have a date for the new uniform role out; November 12th.  This […]

ACT Crew Room Sit – Notes

Hello Fellow Flight Attendants, I wanted to thank everyone that attended the SEA Act Negotiation’s Sit on September 25th. There was a great turn out, with terrific questions/comments regarding our contract negotiations and a wonderful response to our AFA red pin drive (Solidarity Commitment). There were quite a few remarks regarding the 2019 Employee Survey […]

Negotiations Update – September

Horizon Negotiations Update September 2019 AFA and Management met again in Seattle from September 17-19, 2019. AFA’s committee members are MEC President Ed Hawes; Flight Attendants Joelle Jaeger and Tanya Phillips; and our professional negotiator and attorney, Kimberley Chaput. MEC Vice President, Lisa Davis-Warren, also attended the session. Management’s team consists of Michelle Abidoye, Managing […]

Red Pin Contract Campaign

Hello fellow Horizon Air AFA members. September marks the time in negotiations where your Negotiations Committee and Management have decided to meet and present what we believe are the “meat and potatoes” of the contract or the “Big 3”. When we meet on September 17th through the 19th, your AFA Negotiations Committee will make a […]