Scheduling Committee Update

Scheduling Committee Update May 7, 2020 by the Acting crew planning liaison June Bid 334 – Scheduling Notes Hopefully, this finds you all as well as can be in these unprecedented times. AFA is again co-pairing with the Pilot’s union (IBT) for June. The solutions for June focused on trying to get a better mix […]

May Bid 333 – Scheduling Notes

May Bid 333- Scheduling Notes  Hello all and good day. First, thank you all for your dedication and understanding during these unprecedented circumstances that we currently find ourselves in. We hope that you are doing as well as can be, staying as safe as possible and doing what you can to be healthy both physically and […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – March 13, 2020

Continuing to Advocate for Flight Attendant Protections Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHSC) An AFA communication from March 3 (COVID-19 Update) contained a comprehensive list of the requests that AFA had made of management at the time.  AFA Horizon officers and representatives have been in constant communication with management since that time to continue […]

Medical resources for Flight Attendants with concerns about Corvid-19

Medical resources for Flight Attendants with concerns about Corvid-19 If you are experiencing symptoms of the Corvid-19 or feeling ill on your overnight or at home below are links that are available for Flight Attendants to contact a doctor or nurse. Teladoc: 855-332-4059 24-hour nurse line: 877-224-3525 – This web site is the 24-hour […]

Managing your Anxiety Around Coronavirus

Managing your Anxiety Around Coronavirus From your AFA EAP Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new risk, not a familiar one.  Its status as a new health problem with which we are unfamiliar contributes to our heightened anxiety.  Remember, anxiety is a protective measure.  It’s signaling you to scan for risks and find methods to safeguard yourself.  […]

AIMS/Ecrew Update

Greetings fellow Flight Attendants, I wanted to take a moment and touch base about recent updates to Aims/E-crew.  First, you probably have heard or seen reference to Aims and or E-crew and may have always wondered why those words are used interchangeably. Aims is a company based out of Athens, Greece which Horizon Air has purchased […]

Scheduling Notes – January 2020

January Bid 329 – Scheduling Notes  This was an interesting trip pairing build for January. We feel that the solution that AFA created has a much higher quality of life for our members and gives the most parity in one through four-day trips across the board, which allows for a variety of different wants and needs. Additionally, […]