Council newsletter, June 2023

June 1, 2023

AFA Horizon – Council 16 Newsletter (BOI, PAE, SEA, GEG)

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Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, remembering the past, and working toward an equitable future, June is Pride Month.  Every year, Pride Month is a time to recognize and appreciate the influential role of the LGBTQ+ community in history, society and cultures around the world. In many areas, Pride Month is celebrated annually in June to honor the Stonewall Riots that occurred in that same month in 1969. However, in some areas – especially in the Southern Hemisphere – pride events occur at other times of the year.

Since legislation that limits the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals has risen in the last year, the legacy of the Stonewall Uprisings in New York City on June 28, 1969, continues on as the LGBTQ+ community struggles for their right to openly exist. To learn where Pride Month originated from, click here, and the Human Rights Campaign provides a guide to become an LGBTQ+ ally that can be found here

Join AFA to celebrate pride month by wearing your AFA pride pins (new design available), attending event & parades, and show solidarity BIGGER, better and bolder than ever! 

Pride events around our bases:

Minimum Rest Requirements
Flight Attendants are required to be scheduled for, and actually receive, 10 hours rest between duty periods (on an overnight and in base), and between reserve availability periods (RAP).  During all rest periods, regardless of length, Flight Attendants are not contactable. 

There has been an increase in Flight Attendants being scheduled for, and actually receiving, less than 10 hours rest, and being contacted during rest periods.  Please ensure your rest periods are no less than 10 hours (release to report time/RAP start).  If you are scheduled for, or are receiving less than, 10 hours rest, contact Crew Scheduling for schedule adjustments.  If not corrected, contact an AFA Scheduling rep, or Council 16 Officer immediately!

Read more from AFA-CWA >

Membership Meeting
There will be a Local 16 Membership Meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, at 15:00 via Microsoft Teams. This meeting is open to all AFA-CWA Council 16 members (BOI, PAE, SEA, GEG).

Click here to join the meeting

Or join by entering a meeting ID
Meeting ID: 271 642 456 587
Passcode: AHzJe3

Grievance Tickets
Please file grievance tickets to the Council 16 Grievance Committee as soon as possible.  In most instances, AFA has 30 days, from the date of the violation, to submit a grievance to management.

Current issues that should be submitted as soon as they happen:

  • Pre-canceled flights – Pairing not adjusted by scheduling when requested by FA.
  • Absence management (Hartford/Sedgwick) difficulties.
  • Scheduling/Reserve CBA violations.

New hires
Welcome the newest Flight Attendants to join Horizon. 23 of these new hires will be joining Council 16, and they will be based in GEG (22) and BOI (1).

Did you know… Inclusive uniform win
Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant, Justin Wetherell, has won their fight for inclusive uniforms.  As part of the consent decree, following a lawsuit, is the requirement for management to abolish gender conforming rules, and the payment of legal fees to Wetherell and the ACLU. 

More information >

Did you know… Short- and Long-Term Disability
Flight Attendants are provided with a short-term disability plan that replaces 40% of their income, with the option to purchase additional coverage. Long-term disability will commence upon expiration of short-term disability benefits. Flight Attendants are not required to exhaust sick leave or vacation time as a condition of eligibility.

Need assistance? Contact your local Leave & Benefits Committee.

Know Your Contract

  • Article 5.B.3
    • “A Flight Attendant will not be rescheduled without mutual consent to perform any duty for more than six (6) consecutive days without a Day Off. However, for operational reasons, duty may be rescheduled to end at Domicile no later than 0200 of a day without the duty being considered duty on that calendar day.”
  • Article 5.A.4.f.
    • “Within any 7-day period there shall be scheduled at least on calendar Day Off in domicile, free of any duty. Flight Attendants may waive down to the FAR minimum.”

June calendar: 

  • Inflight Service committee meeting, June 1
  • AFA/Inflight management meeting, June 6 
  • ASHS committee meeting, June 8
  • Scheduling committee meeting, June 12 
  • Human Rights committee meeting, June 12
  • Hotel committee quarterly meeting, June 12 
  • SEA crew room sit, June 13
  • Membership meeting, June 13
  • Negotiating committee interviews, June 14
  • LEC 16 Officer meeting, June 22
  • AFA/Senior leadership meeting, June 22

Until our next check-in, fly safe!

“Stronger Together, Better Together”