November 1, 2019


On October 2, 2019 your AFA Negotiations Committee received the following email notice from Rachael Mattioli, Managing Director of Inflight:

Hi Negotiation Committee,

Communication will be going out shortly if it hasn’t already, but we now have a date for the new uniform role out; November 12th.  This is an exciting time for Horizon.

As a reminder, our guidelines have language around bag tags.  The only bag tags that will be allowed would be the company issued crew tags. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


In its simplest form, Inflight Management is informing us that the “AFA DO THE RIGHT THING” bag tags will not be allowed on Crew Luggage. We will be filing a grievance over this unprecedented change in policy. Management is clearly getting the message that we’re united and ready to do what it takes to get the contract we deserve. Forcing us to remove our bag tags shows their weakness-not ours! We’re stronger together and better together, and obviously that’s getting under their skin.

We do not know how management intends to enforce the new policy, but we don’t want anyone to be disciplined about it. Traditionally, uniform violations are handled through a coaching/record of discussion; subsequent violations go through progressive discipline. For now, we are advising flight attendants to remove their bag tags by the end of the day on November 11, 2019. If you forget and a supervisor asks you to remove it, please do so; but let your Union leaders know right away!

But all is not lost! After you take the tag off your bag, remove the clear plastic strap and attach the tag to your Company ID!  You can still show your solidarity…and in a way a LOT more visible to management, your passengers and fellow crew members.

Stronger Together, Better Together!