Cross Type Pairings

Cross-Type Pairings:

As management continually views and evaluates increased productivity, they have decided to take a closer look at “soft time” (time in which an FA is not actively working a flight; including DHs and airport sits). On February 5, 2018, AFA was involved in an SRM (Safety Risk Matrix) evaluating the option of cross-type pairings. Cross-type pairings are pairings which include flying on both the Q400 and the E175. These pairings would be included in PBS for bidding. Currently, these pairings only happen during irregular operations and most often impact our reserves. At this time AIMS and PBS require customization and are not able to build cross-type pairings. It will most likely take approximately two months for AFA and the Company to see examples of what these trips may look like.

During the SRM meeting, AFA presented several risks associated with making this change (FA injury, FAs wanting to avoid AC type, and more crew swaps being amongst the biggest). At this point however, we are only in the preliminary stages and no final decision has been made. Your union is very much involved in these discussions, and I, as your new MEC Crew Planning Liaison, will personally be making sure the FAs voice is heard. As this process continues I will provide you with further updates as needed.

In Solidarity,

Callie von Borstel, MEC Crew Planning Liaison