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The Council 17 Certified Election Results

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Term of office: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2025  


Local Executive Council President: Kirk Hansen
Local Executive Council Vice President: Judi Harrison-Goold
Local Executive Council Secretary: Molly McCloskey

A big thank you to those who stepped forward and submitted a letter of interest to serve as a Local Executive Officer for Council 17. We would also like to thank those who have served our members in our local council for the last three years; Jamie Moore, LEC Vice President, and Tanya Phillips, LEC Secretary.

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Election News

March 2023 – Council 17 Newsletter

ANC – MFR – PDX Local 17 Newsletter March 2023 Dear Council 17 Flight Attendants (ANC, MFR, PDX) Welcome to our first 2023 Newsletter!!   Our goal is to keep you informed and updated on issues, events and news from LEC 17 and beyond. Did You Know…………………….? Reserves – If you are called out to…

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Memo – Credit Sort List

View in a web browserHello QX Flight Attendants!  On December 14th, the AFA AIMS rep and MEC Crew Scheduling Chair were notified that the scheduled AIMS update had created some errors. It was explained that one of the errors was tied to the Credit Sort List; however, the details of this error were not further disclosed. Horizon…

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AFA >>> Management Monthly Meeting

View in a web browser We will be publishing notes each month from our monthly meeting with management. This meeting is attended by the two Local Executive Council Presidents, the MEC Vice President, the MEC Secretary-Treasurer and the MEC President. Management is represented by the Managing Director of Inflight, the Director of Inflight Training and Standards,…

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MEC Committee Chairperson and Appointed Position Interviews

NOVEMBER 7, 2022 Master Executive Council (MEC)In accordance with AFA Horizon Air MEC Policy and Procedure Manual, the term of appointment for the MEC Committee Chairpersons is concurrent with those of the MEC Officers.  As the current MEC Officer term will end on December 31, 2022, the MEC will be conducting a review of all MEC Committee…

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MEC Officer Election Results

  View in a web browser   Master Executive Council (MEC) Given the term of office for the current MEC Officers ends on December 31, 2022, our Master Executive Council (MEC) conducted elections yesterday for the upcoming MEC Officer term of office. The following AFA Flight Attendants were elected to Master Executive Council (MEC) Officer…

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