FAB meeting notes 6/3/2020

FAB teams meeting notes 6/3/2020

In attendance:
Heather Coleman, AFA MEC FAB Chair, Joelle Jaeger, LECP Council 16
Mandy Mundy, QX Onboard Products and Service Specialist  
Jesse Sexton, QX Manager, Inflight Policy and Standards 

June 16th galley changes coming, addition of mini cans of Coke, Diet Coke and Red Wine splits. 

First Class Cart set up, Supply Drawer, Drawer with wine and water 

freezer panel on top of soda drawer, freezer pannel on top of beer drawer. Give cup with wine or upon request for one with other beverages.

MC cabin cart set up with, Serving tray pack on 1 side only, watch the supplies, only 4 bags of snack in MC, need more (Mandy will b easking for more to be put on as loads increase) 

1/2 each in drawer- 10 wine and waters, 3 drawers of water, 2 Soda drawer, Beer drawer. Certain of cart towards FA A for help with serving PC/MC. Cart might be lighter with freezer panels. 

Extra supply cart, 4 large bottles of water, Extra cups, apple juice

Offering more options non alcohol, hand the passenger just a can, cup if requested. Cup served with red wine. 

3 flights or more will have additional item cart, water, beer, deli packs, MC snacks, Mandy will be watching this and monitoring if we get reports of runnning out of items. Please use report it or drop Mandy a email. 

Freezer panels on top of cold beverage items, remove before service and put back after. Lasts up to 16 hours. Once used needs 24 hours in freezer. 

MC snacks, I am pushing for more on board. Mandy agrees. 

New galley diagrams will be coming with these changes.

Moving per catering 12 picnic packs per segment, for FC, so each leg they have enough. No extras put on. FC should not be full with social distancing so extra packs can be used for medical/crew/pax issue if needed. No data for safety risk. Mandy will monitor and keep eye on it to be aware if issue such as needing something for medical/PAX

Recycling, cannot put cans back into cart. Not recommending recycling right now. Reminder to not cross contaminate. 

Galley 2 is empty. Monitor loads as flights increase to add on more supplies. 

Limited service, NO SERVICE. Cart will only have a supply drawer and 18 waters, Ice in black cooler for crew use. All other carts will be empty. 

Elites -in MC only receive chocolate (Mandy will put in newsletter) 

Q400 beverage changes plan, waiting until July. Mandy is working with FAB ground team. What can we do to serve coffee on those flights. Prepackaged condiments, creamer sticks? She would like ideas. Email her.  

Request from Lisa and Rachael to AS to be part pf the AS AFA meetings for the ISC (specifically) service commitee. So we are all in the conversation.  

Sanitizing wipe, Q400 will stay the same, E175 EO wipes will be coming, local company. Interem will be freedom wipes until others come. Small spray bottle sanitizer, for FC Pax, to possibly replace hot towels. 

F&B research findings, guest research and survey. Fruit and cheese plates, fresh meals, snacks are what pax want to see onboard. Soda, coffee, juice, cocktails were high priority. Possible move to canned red wine. 300 people want hot meals back, hot towels and dessert. 55% want a return to ‘normal’ service in FC with reusable utensils, plates. 

Voiced safety concerns with COVID numbers still rising. Phase 1 and 2 in WA with service levels. More options onboard, leads to more risk/time with pax. Mandy will put together pictures of how to set up carts and make easier to make choices of items. 

Feedback on 2 FA cart service. Like or dislike? pros/cons please let Mandy or me know

Joelle would like to see double cart loaded same on each side, easier to serve. Noted. 

How to serve coffee to make sure it is safe? need feedback how to serve, what helps to make feel safe to serve, easy to serve, Ideas? Again email to Mandy please. 

SRA next monday 6/8 for small soda cans. Making sure to mitigate any risks with with adding them onboard. 

Any additional questions, please reach out to me. 

Heather Coleman