FAB Meeting Notes – July

FAB meeting notes 7/3/2019

Mandy Mundy
Elizabeth Ceja
Anne Strand
Heather Coleman

New Block2Block reporting coming 7/11 or 7/12 much easier to use for catering issues. Safety issues still will be through Report it. 

LAS catering is being looked into, need reports. Same with other stations if any issues. 

Only 2% of FA’s are actually reporting issues with pre departures beverage service. Meaning no legitimate reason to cancel doing it from the current reports submitted. Elizabeth is available to help give pointers and help if needed to show how to do it.

*Reporting trends FAIF – Coming Soon

*Updated QRG – Coming Soon

*Mandy going to part time 7/15

Send FAB emails to QXonboardproductservice@horizonair.com

Heather Coleman
QX LEC Secretary, Council #16