FAB Meeting Notes – June 30

FAB meeting notes 6/30/2020

In attendance, Heather Coleman AFA MEC FAB Chair
Jennifer Levcun AFA Health and Safety 
Mandy Mundy and Jesse Sexton 

Heather’s Agenda items, Lack of water on long haul (DAL) and safety of FA’s. Worry about time in aisle with discussion. SRA today for service. Mandy will note that AFA is concerned that it is not being heard that we worry about safety. Lack of social distancing, hand washing and masks. Hand hygiene adds to process and concern during service, with more items, sales and increased pax loads. 

Q400 water, juice cans and coffee (maybe) on flights over 130 miles, more time in aisle. Concern with hot airplane, need drinks, run risk of overheating wearing masks and hot airplane. (Pax blow on coffee, risk! bringing up at SRA) Condiments need to be put into a cup and handed over, pax can then put trash back into cup. 

Q400 beer/wine timeline August 1st, free poured. 

E175 packing July 16 selection increases, cart to be set up more mirrored on each side. 310 Aft will have more water onboard. triple and quad catered will have extra soda and water. Feed back will be important from FA’s. FC cart will have soda, red wine, rose and beer drawer, water and juice with Dry supplies. Minimal changes. Keep close eye on it and what you may run out of. More main cabin snacks added. More bottles of water added in the aft galley. Monitor carts if on triple or Quad catered aircraft. Sprite, Ginger Ale, Pilsner and IPA. 307A will have prebuilt cart topper with condiment and items 

E175 packing Aug 16, sales pending from IT for food items. Liquor and mixers coming back. Subject to change. More white wine and beer. Only use 1 side of cart per service and pull product for later legs. 1/2 cart set up for service. (10 waters in it seem issue) Can use 1/2 or full cart to serve. NEW requirement to have both FA’s pull full cart forward, is heavier with individual cans, 200 pound cart. Requesting more info and explanation to be coming out from Mandy when time. Cannot get as much product onboard as before. 

New normal service ideas. Idea of what the future looks like? 

Keeping no service on flights under 129 miles. Want to keep service simple with shorter flights and less exposure

-Limited, 130-349 miles, cart heaviness/brake concern, have A & B work together to serve cabin. water/OJ plus beer/wine in FC PC 

-Ultra short, 350-649 miles, work together for FC and PC, then A back up front, no glassware up front. MC full cart. 

-Short Haul 650-1000 2 bev service and FC meal, plenty of tme for each to work in each cabin 

-Medium 1001 and above, 3 services and FC food and BOB, concerns about catering for multiple services when we run out after 2 currently 

-Jennifer and I will be working on new normal issues for next meeting to think out what new service may entail. Thinking in 30, 90, 180 day lead time to get info to kitchen to make changes takes a lot of time. We want a more refined look wiht less exposure and touch points. 

Mandy’s job is to tell us what is coming, to get items on the plane. Decisions are being made by higher ups. Frustrations of why more is coming to plane.

Have kitchens been audited for safety and sanitization? Yes. Hair nets and jackets, lots of handwashing stations. More auditing when food put onboard. 

Use cart together to serve items still in August for E175

No plan to go back to pouring most drinks, trying to keep individual and limit pouring items in future. 

Changes will be published 7/16 and updated on IMD