FAIF: Pairings File Error and Protest Period Extension for October bid

FAIF: Pairings File Error and Protest Period Extension for October bid

Attention all Flight Attendants:

Yesterday, we received two protests from flight attendants regarding a few pairings that showed they had carry-out credit even though they did not carry out of the bid. One of those FAs was incorrectly denied pairings due to the error. She had selected her pairings based on their actual credit, but the error left her a few minutes short of minimum guarantee. Upon further investigation, we discovered several pairings in all bases that are affected by this error.

We were able to determine that the issue lay with the pairings file itself, and not in NAVBLUE. It has been passed on to Jeppesen for correction. In the meantime, we urge everyone to review their preliminary awards for any errors in credit calculation due to the carry-out credit and to reach out to us ASAP. Make sure you include your full name, domicile, PS # and what the impact to your bid is regarding the carry-out credit error in the email. If you believe you have been affected by this error, please send an email to qxfa.joint.pbs.committee@horizonair.com before 2000 on Sunday, November 13th.

Currently we do not anticipate a delay in SAP opening.  SAP will open on time at 1800 today, November 12th.

Thank you,

Lexie, Claire, Dee Dee & Trinity

Joint PBS Committee