Filing Grievances

The MEC (Master Executive Council) Officers want to take a moment to reiterate the importance and value of filing grievances/reports when you feel the collective bargaining agreement (contract) has been violated; and/or reporting issues when the company is not complying with their contractual obligations. Much like management’s requirement of irregularity reports for addressing issues, AFA also requires official submissions of complaints in order to facilitate change. This is accomplished through flight attendants filing grievances or any issue at Our union is here to assist you and ensure management follows the contract.

The Local Executive Council Officers (LEC) do their best to monitor QXAFA Facebook and respond when possible. However, frustrations and concerns posted to this social media page do not act as a substitute for official grievances or reporting of issues. Without these reports, your LEC Presidents can do very little on your behalf. 

Whether it be SAP errors, multiple aircraft swaps, eCrew outages, eCrew incorrect denial codes, or potential contract violations, we need you to submit grievances/reports in order to affect change! The website, is user friendly and the process for submitting grievances and reporting issues is fairly quick and straight forward. AFA representatives need to know what you’re dealing with and cannot assist unless they are included via this process.  

As your MEC works to hold management accountable for SAP issues and other eCrew “glitches”, including screen shots will increase our ability to speak with a UNIFED voice. While we support and encourage open, respectful communication on the QXAFA Facebook page, we also ask that you assist us by filing these glitches and/or grievances. We need to take the fight where it belongs and hold management accountable! 

Taking all of this into consideration, if you feel that you were affected by the most recent SAP irregularities, if you have experienced AIMS irregularities, if you feel the contract has been violated and/or if you have experienced multiple aircraft swaps, please take a moment to visit the website and submit a grievance/report an issue. It’s not too late. 

Below you will find the step-by-step process to report an issue, including grievances and how to attach photos, when applicable. Going forward it’s incredibly important that you use this tool each and every time you feel something needs to be addressed so that we can push for accountability and change. Be assured that your AFA volunteers are committed to representing you and ensuring contractual compliance. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are stronger together, better together! 

In Solidarity, 

Your Grievance Committee,

Ed Hawes, Kirk Hansen, Marcella Oswald and Jennifer Levcun

Your MEC,

Ed Hawes, Lisa Davis-Warren, Deb Harding-Elliott, Kirk Hansen and Heather Coleman