Grievance Settlement – Reserve

MEC Reserve List Days of Availability Grievance Settlement 06-99-02-03-19

In January 2019, the MEC was made aware that the Reserve List was not accurately displaying reserve days of availability.  The MEC grieved on behalf of all flight attendants who sat reserve in January that this error in the Reserve List was a violation of Article 7 F.,3.

The Grievance was recently settled.  Management will cease and desist from this violation of the collective bargaining agreement and any flight attendant who sat reserve in January 2019 will receive 2 credit hours of pay added to their paycheck on May 20, 2019.  The pay out will be noted on your pay statement as grievance payment.  Those flight attendants who were a reserve flight attendant in January but have left Horizon for Alaska will also receive the payment as they have stayed within the AAG family of companies.