Grievance Team Communication

Hello QXAFA Members,

The grievance team wanted to put out a simplified list to assist with filing a grievance.

  1. Before filing a grievance, advocate for yourself and email management ( cc’ing AFA Representative in). State your case/concern and if it is a contractual violation, or a disciplinary violation. State the contract verbiage, the page number and article number. ( you could even screenshot the page) if it’s a contractual violation. This first step allows AFA to see the response and the logic of management.
  2. Give management 48 Hrs for a response, if no response, send a follow up email ( cc AFA Representative in).
  3. If management resolves the issue, Great! If management does not resolve the issue, go onto and file your grievance.
  4. If it is a contractual violation, please fill out all sections of the grievance form( ie, contract page number, article number and a complete/detailed statement of the violation). If it’s a disciplinary filing, please give a brief and concise statement of what the discipline consists of, and that it was issued without Just Cause or in violation of the Principles of Just Cause. Make a request to be made whole/ or discipline removed.
  5. You will hear from the Grievance Team shortly after, confirming receipt of you grievance filing.

If management/crew scheduling asks you to do something against our CBA, please state,

“ Are you asking me to violate the contract?”

( If possible state the contract verbiage)

Any questions, please reach out to the Grievance Team. Representative’s information is accessible on ,

And thank you for reading.

Fly Safe!!