Hand Washing on the Q400 – Revised

Hello Flight Attendants,

AFA representatives and management completed hand washing testing/procedures last week on the Q400.

The official testing information results are as follows:

One full Mapco of hand washing water provides 12 washes at the CDC’s recommendation (20 seconds of hand washing to properly kill germs). With our Mapco’s capacity, this is enough for one service.

The Mapco will need to be replenished at each arrival station.

Please advise the Captain (before the 10,000 chime) that you will need him/her to call the station ahead of time to request water for the hand washing Mapco. This will ensure they are as prepared as possible in the arrival station. If the station is unable to accommodate the request, your AFA Safety/FAB Committees and management both agree that without water, a service WILL NOT be provided.

Please write a report (Report It App) when the station is unable to provide water for the hand washing Mapco.

Hand washing is crucial for our health and well-being.

In solidarity,

Your Air Safety, Health and Security/FAB Committee Representatives