Horizon Air Company Early Out Program

Horizon Air Company Early Out Program

Management has released the information on our Company EO Program this afternoon. AFA approached management, numerous times, to suggest improvements that would be more in line with our counterparts at Alaska Air, but they chose not to offer the same program. As such, the Master Executive Council (MEC) is disheartened by our Company’s EO. That said, it may be of interest to some Flight Attendants especially those who were already considering retirement or those who may be interested in an early retirement given the current state of affairs.

We are sure you are wondering what the needed numbers are for the Early Out program. The MEC did ask management to share that information along with the publication of today’s email announcing the EOs. Management continued to express that they will not know how many Flight Attendants are needed to take the Early Out until mid-August. The MEC will continue to press management to be more candid with this information as well as other programs that may be needed. And we remain willing and available to discuss what our members feel is important to them in this, and other programs.


Management will be hosting, and AFA will also be co-participating, in upcoming “Early Out” informational sessions. An individual calendar invite, for those who qualify, has been sent by management for each event. We hope to see you at one of the upcoming “Early Out” Team sessions on July 20th and July 23rd.

Monday, July 20th @ 10 AM
Thursday, July 23rd @ 4 PM

Please remember your EAP Committee is available as a support resource during these difficult and unsure times. As always, your direct contact on the MEC, your LEC Presidents, are available to answer questions and/or address concerns that you may have about the EO information. Contact information for your LEC President may be found here for LEC 16 (SEA/GEG/BOI) and here for LEC 17 (PDX/MFR).

Tell Congress: Extend the CARES Act!

It is vitally important that each and every one of you help AFA-CWA, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 556 achieve a six-month extension to the CARES Act in order to protect Flight Attendant jobs. Tell Congress to keep our industry intact by extending the CARES Act!