*Important* KCM Update

August 26, 2019

Important KCM Update

Since the announcement on Saturday that Known Crewmember (KCM) procedures would change AFA has been interfacing with TSA, industry, and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). We are pleased to report to you the procedure to require a uniform for access through KCM will not go into effect this Wednesday. Instead, TSA will work with AFA, ALPA and Airlines for America (A4A) to determine a means to continue KCM effectively without a uniform requirement. TSA Administrator David Pekoske asked us to thank all crewmembers for our part in aviation security and reiterate how important it is that we all work as a security team. We very much appreciate Administrator Pekoske and his leadership team for being so responsive to our concerns and demonstrating his respect for our role in the process by working with us to improve KCM. This has been an extremely effective program and together we can ensure that it continues to be.

Please note: Effective tomorrow, Tuesday, August 27th, random selection at KCM will be increased. This means an increased number of crewmembers utilizing KCM will be selected for random screening through TSA precheck. If crewmembers are selected, they will be directed to TSA precheck. If in uniform, crewmember exemptions for gels, liquids, and aerosols apply. If not in uniform, TSA precheck screening requirements apply. We continue to encourage all Flight Attendants to comply with procedures and instructions at KCM and all security checkpoints. Today, we received reports that Houston (IAH) and Denver (DEN) had implemented the uniform requirement early. As soon as we advised TSA this was corrected. Please respectfully question any instructions at a security checkpoint that are not in line with communicated procedures. But if the Officer does not change the instruction, comply and utilize this report form so we can address the issue directly with TSA.

KCM Reporting Form and Questions >

Thank you all for your efforts as aviation’s first responders and last line of defense. Continue to share good information and avoid speculation so that we can focus our efforts and work together for the best results every time.