Incorrect Credit Hours – April Bid

Incorrect Credit Hours – April Bid

The MEC was advised this morning that incorrect credit hours were used for our pairing build in April. Because the planning department is unable to rerun the bid before we launch on PBS the 2nd – management is unable to correct for this oversight. This error is limited to the PDX and SEA bases and will cause a 50% reduction in part time lines in PDX, as well as force a higher number of reserves in SEA – placing many on reserve who would normally be able to hold a line. By allowing another temporary transfer of approximately 10-15 flight attendants from SEA to PDX, PDX will have the normal number of part time lines and we will be able to create a few more trip drops than normal and mitigate forced reserve in SEA. Finally, we will be able to allow for some of the SEA flight attendants, who have been forced into the SEA base since their hire date, to be home with their families versus spending their time and energy commuting. Because of these reasons the MEC elected to grant a temporary transfer opportunity for flight attendants from SEA to PDX.

We are in the process of scheduling a meeting with Bernie Davis, Managing Director, Planning; Matt Prainito, Vice President, Station and Inflight Ops; Rachael Mattiolo, Managing Director Inflight Services and Dee Dee Caldwell, Director, Inflight Operations and Labor Relations to discuss our concerns about the planning department’s oversight and inability to re run our bids when needed. We will communicate the results of this meeting to you as soon as possible.

Please reach out to your local officers with any questions or concerns you may have related to this or any other issue.

In solidarity,

Horizon Air AFA MEC

Lisa Davis-Warren, Kirk Hansen and Jennifer Levcun (Acting Council 16 LECP) for Joelle Jaeger