Joint PBS Committee Alternate Position

Joint PBS Committee Alternate Position

Joint PBS Committee Alternate Position 

The Joint PBS Committee currently has an opening for an alternate AFA member.  The purpose of this position will be to fill in for one of the two primary AFA members when they are unavailable due to leaves or other extended absences.  Applicants for this alternate position should expect to start training as early as January 2019 and to fill in for one of the primary members who will be on an extended leave of absence, approximately through July 2019.


  • Assist bidders with building and editing their bids while bidding is open
  • Process and complete runs in PBS to create preliminary FA schedules in all 5 domiciles
  • Work with other members of the Joint PBS Committee to agree upon which runs will be used
  • Respond and process FA bid protests
  • If a protest is accepted, work with company and FA to make the FA whole
  • Prepare monthly and intermittent communications for bidders
  • Test NAVBLUE system updates prior to release to ensure contractual compliance
  • Present PBS system and bidding guides to new hire classes


  • Must be generally available from the 2nd to the 12th of each month
  • Accurate knowledge of contractual language regarding scheduling and credit hours
  • Solid knowledge and experience working with computers
  • An AFA member who is off probation
  • Not in discipline
  • 6+ months bidding in PBS
  • Good working relationship with management and Crew Planning
  • Comfortable working remotely, communicating primarily via text message
  • Comfortable communicating with FAs in multiple formats,including email, text message and phone

Experience (desired)

  • Experience with MS Office Suite
  • Experience with software system testing
  • Technical support experience
  • Comfortable communicating with FAs via social media platforms

Committee members receive 4.5 credits per day worked as a pre-planned absence and will bid in PBS for the remainder of their schedule each month.   Once training is complete, the AFA members of the committee will typically work remotely from home.   Per diem for expenses incurred while traveling is reimbursable via AFA.  No per diem will be paid for days worked from home.

This is an excellent position for a self-starter who is able to spend uninterrupted time periods at home working within PBS on bid runs after bids are closed.  Applicants who meet the above description and requirements should send a resume and letter of interest to MEC Secretary-Treasurer Deb Harding-Elliott at by 0900 on October 25.